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The Truth About Santa and Spider Man

If you have small children in the room, you may not want to read this blog aloud… just saying. ;)

My kids know “the truth” about Santa. We’ve never told them that Santa brings their presents on Christmas (since it’s not really true). But they still like Santa. He’s like a cool Christmas cartoon character to them.

This has never been a big issue for us, but eventually, Isaiah watched enough movies proclaiming the reality of Santa, that he started to ask, “Mommy, is Santa real?” So we explained about St. Nicholas and how he lived along time ago and now he’s in heaven with Jesus, and that Santa is a cartoon character of St. Nicholas. We explained that people dressed up as Santa at Christmas time.

A few days later, Isaiah was having an especially bad attitude and I asked him what was going on. Being the king of excuses, he told me the reason he was being naughty was because he was sad that Santa was dead. So I had to explain the whole story again and that “Santa” had been in heaven with Jesus for a LONG time and was very happy there.

We got the whole Santa thing squared away, with a special edict not to tell his friends at school, because they might not know. Funny thing about kid brains, is they’re great at extrapolation, as I found out today:

Isaiah was playing with his Spider Man toy with Leah. She exclaimed, “Spider Man!” Isaiah corrected her, “No Leah, Spider Man is in heaven with Jesus. This is just a guy in a costume.”

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Isaiah’s Bad News

My son, Isaiah, goes to preschool at the local high school… we like to tell people that he’s very advanced! Actually, the preschool is put on by the Child Development class. It is run by a teacher and the teenagers act as her helpers.Discovering details about Isaiah’s school activities is quite a task. When I pick him up and ask him what he did that day, he invariably answers, “I don’t remember.” I would worry about his short term memory skills, but the other moms say they have the same problem with their kids.

So we moms have tapped into a fool proof plan to get our kids talking about their day. We ask, “What did you have for snack?” Suddenly a torrent of information pours forth, not only about snack, but about the rest of the day’s events. It’s true, food tears down boundaries!

Yesterday, Isaiah was pretty quick to tell me about his day. We got in the car and the first thing he said was, “Mommy, when it was almost time to go, Ms. Rocchio told us something bad.” He paused for a moment and then cheerfully concluded, “But I don’t remember what it was.”

I scoured my mommy-brain for the right question to get to the heart of the matter. I asked him if someone had done something naughty. My query launched Isaiah into another story of the day.

Isaiah: “When we were painting with our hands, some of the kids put paint on the wall.”

Mommy: “Did you put paint on the wall?”

Isaiah: “No, I didn’t. My friend and I were with the kids when they did it, but we didn’t do it.” He paused and then, sensing my skepticism, asked, “Are you going to call my teacher?”

To effectively do my motherly duty, I gave him a long diatribe on respecting others’ property, assured him I hoped he had not put paint on the wall, and concluded with an admonition to apologize to Jesus and his teacher if he had been involved in the wall incident.

When I came up for air, Isaiah got back to the conversation that started it all, “Mommy, Ms. Rocchio said that pretty soon I’m going to be in Kin’ergarten and then there will be NO HELPERS! That’s bad.”

I think I was relieved to find out that the “bad” news was just the fact that Isaiah was going to miss the teenage helpers. When I explained to Isaiah that Kindergarten didn’t start until after the summer, he was relieved too!

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I love watching my kids interact together. It’s fascinating how their little personalities play off of each other.

Speaking of being played… my son is figuring out how to con his little sister! Leah is getting old enough that she has some preference about what movie they watch. This morning, Isaiah was wanting to watch Lady and the Tramp, but he knew it was technically Leah’s turn to choose.

He said, “Puppies, Leah! Puppies!” and waved the case in her face. She made some disapproving sounds, but he put the disc in anyway.

Now, the previews of my kids’ favorite movies fill them with blissful anticipation of movie watching goodness. Isaiah used this to his favor in convincing his sister to watch his movie. For each preview, he shouted “yay!,” clapped his hands and encouraged Leah to join in the rejoicing. There’s no way Leah can resist a good cheer, so she shouted “yay!” and clapped her hands too. By the time the actual movie started, she had completely forgotten that she hadn’t wanted to watch it.

She was conned.

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Good Self Esteem

I just heard Isaiah and Leah having this conversation:

Isaiah – “Do you like me?”
Leah, who was too busy trying to climb down the stairs, didn’t reply.
Isaiah – “I’m the bestest boy in the whole wide world.”
Leah still said nothing.
Isaiah – “Do you like me?”
Leah – “Yes.”
Isaiah – “I sure am cool.”

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Through My Son’s Eyes

For Mother’s Day, Isaiah’s Sunday School teacher had the kids fill out a survey about their moms. Here are Isaiah’s answers:

My mom is  2 years old.

She makes the best  poptarts and chocolate milk .

Her favorite color is  pink and purple .

I love when she  reads books with me.

Her favorite food is  lunch .

Her favorite place is  with Isaiah .

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My Superhero

I just heard my son having this conversation with an imaginary person…

Isaiah as himself: “Last night I killed bad guys with my friends.”

Isaiah as imaginary person: “Oh really?” (in a very calm, cheerful voice)

Isaiah as himself: “Yeah, an’ I kill an’ all-gator. An’ I save him, ’cause he was my frien’. An’ I was his hero!”

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Where Babies Come From (in case you didn’t know)

The other night, I was sitting with the kids in the car, while Chris ran in to get Starbucks. I was telling Isaiah how happy I was that he was my son. He asked me, “But Mommy, do you remember when you got me?”

I assured him I did and then he asked the inevitable, “But where did you get me from?”

So I explained how we got him from the doctor and that before that, he’d been in Mommy’s tummy. He thought about this and said, “Did you eat me?”

I was stumped for a minute, then realized the only way he could figure he had gotten in my tummy was by me eating him. I told him that Jesus had put him in my tummy.

“But how did I fit?” was his next question. I explained that when Jesus first put him in my tummy, he was very small and then he grew bigger and bigger and that Mommy’s tummy stretched really big.

“And Daddy and Mommy were in the snow?” At this question, I wondered if we were digressing, but then realized that we have a framed picture of Chris and I in WI when I was VERY pregnant with Isaiah. What does this child miss?

We discussed the picture some and I explained that it was taken right before he was ready to come out of mommy’s tummy. Then the Doctor took him out of Mommy’s tummy and then Mommy and Daddy hugged him and kissed him and were really happy.

And then came the BIG question… “But, how did the doctor get me out?” I told him that Mommy’s have a place for babies to come out of and that the Doctors know how to do it. That seemed to satisfy him for the time being. Thank goodness… my brain was getting tired.

By the way, the picture is of me pregnant with Isaiah… which I can’t believe I’m letting all of you see!

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Beauty and the Bish

I love kid words. Isaiah has a red “bish.” I was a little confused when he first mentioned his “bish,” but through a lot of questions I discovered it was a little red squirt gun. The reason it’s called a “bish” is because you point it at people and say, “Vwoosh, Vwoosh, Vwoosh!”

Leah is turning into quite the little diva. One of her favorite things is to invade our bathroom and pull all of my beauty products from under the sink. We’ll find her wiping nail polish bottles across her eyelids and lips (don’t worry, I can barely get them open, much less her). Chris found her today, applying chalk to her lips (Again, don’t worry, it’s non-toxic). She watches me very carefully when I get ready and is thrilled when I hand her a hairbrush and let her rub it on her head. She also is very proud of herself when I put lotion on her cheeks… she probably thinks it’s foundation.

She also loves to play with her shoes. She’ll grab a pair of Mary-Janes and carry them all over the house. It becomes a problem when I’m getting her ready to go and can’t find a matching pair of footwear. Her lady-like tendencies interest her in her little, fuzzy, pink purse that she hangs on her arm and then heads for the door, exclaiming, “Bye! Bye! Bye!” Her joy is complete when I hand her a baby doll and say, “Ohhhh! What a nice Mommy!”

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She Learns From the Best

For some reason, my kids hate baths… not the playing part, just the scrubbing part. It probably has something to do with the fact that I wash every nook and cranny. Unlike their father, who wafts the washcloth over their heads and then proclaims them clean. Maybe it has something to do with him being the “priest of his home” that makes him think this will work.

So today, Leah was squirming and screaming, “Wait! Wait!” in an effort to avoid having her ears cleaned. I asked her, “Who’d you learn to throw a fit like that from?” and Isaiah gleefully exclaimed, “ME!” Well, he’s honest.

I remember Isaiah saying mostly nouns to start off with, but Leah is more interested in exclamations… the beginnings of a drama queen, perchance? She says things like:
“Oh! Wow!”
“Bye, uh-woo.” (Bye, love you)
“Me, me, me!” (To “ask” for something)
“Dant-Doo, Dada.” (Thank you, Daddy)
“No danks.” (No thanks)
“Hi Leah!” (To great us, of course)

She can also say “no” (big surprise!) and the names of all the family members. I think she says a lot more that I don’t understand, as well.

Isaiah is always an interesting listen, also. He tells us stories from Sunday School, reminisces about things that happened a year and a half ago, and shares plots from his favorite cartoons.

Recently, we were driving home from church and he was telling us about his class. “There’s a kid that is brown,” he informed us. “His face is brown.” We asked him what color his own face was, and after considering it a minute, he said, “I dun’ know.” We told him he was white-ish pink or peach. Then he went back to his friend, “God made him like that. An’ another kid has white hair.” I’m assuming he meant blonde. It’s fun to watch him discovering his world… in full color!

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My family came to visit us for Thanksgiving and I did something I’ve never done before… I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner! Yes, the dressing came from a box and the turkey was in a bag. The cranberries were canned, the gravy came in packets, and Pillsbury made the pie crust. But the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes were as homemade as could be! And everything tasted good. So I felt proud of myself!

Isaiah could barely wait to get through Thanksgiving for the Christmas season to start. Unfortunately, he thinks he should get presents as soon as the Christmas tree is up (which it is, minus decorations). Every time Chris leaves for work, Isaiah asks him if he is going to the store to get presents. He lists off to his Grandparents every train he is in need of, so they will be sure to know what to get him. Today he was asking about presents for the millionth time. Chris told him he had to wait until Christmas and Isaiah responded, “But Daddy, I’m going to die!” We assured him that he could wait and it wouldn’t kill him.

Our son isn’t totally focused on the material aspect of Christmas. Since his birthday is not long after Christmas, he has gotten a little confused on which holiday is which. The other night I asked him who’s birthday Christmas was, to see if he could remember our previous conversations. At first he answered, “Mine!” Then he tried, “Mommy’s!” I told him it was Someone even more important. Then he remembered and proudly exclaimed, “Jesus’ birthday!” Then he said, “An’ it’s going to be Jesus’ biggest, best birthday eber!”

Isaiah is full of imagination and he’s starting to see things that I totally miss. We were piling in the car to head off to Library Class, when Isaiah said, “The tree has a cross face,” (he watches Thomas, which uses older British expressions like being “cross”). I was in a hurry and casually brushed him off saying, “No, the tree doesn’t have a face.” “Yes he does!” Isaiah argued, so I made him point out what tree he was talking about. Sure enough, the fir tree in our neighbor’s yard had big gaping holes in exactly the right place for two big eyes and a crabby grin. I assured Isaiah that the tree was silly-cross, and that seemed to satisfy him.

Leah has become very interested in music lately. Whenever she hears music playing, she starts clapping, swaying and lifting her hands. She’s a little worshiper, which is funny because I realized the other night, that one of the reasons I liked the name Leah, is because the Leah in the Bible learned to be a worshiper. So names really do have impact!

Leah isn’t quite walking yet, but she has taken a couple of steps before she realized what she was doing. Then she promptly sat down. She’s been eating up a storm lately, so maybe she’s building up her muscles. As for talking, she mostly says, “Checher” or “Chesha”. She can say the names of everyone else in the family too, but she’d much rather talk about the dog. She says “dan-do” (thank you) and I got her to say please once. She says, “look-it” and copies other words we say as well. With her brother’s teaching, I’m sure she’ll be saying “present” pretty soon!

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