Where Babies Come From (in case you didn’t know)

The other night, I was sitting with the kids in the car, while Chris ran in to get Starbucks. I was telling Isaiah how happy I was that he was my son. He asked me, “But Mommy, do you remember when you got me?”

I assured him I did and then he asked the inevitable, “But where did you get me from?”

So I explained how we got him from the doctor and that before that, he’d been in Mommy’s tummy. He thought about this and said, “Did you eat me?”

I was stumped for a minute, then realized the only way he could figure he had gotten in my tummy was by me eating him. I told him that Jesus had put him in my tummy.

“But how did I fit?” was his next question. I explained that when Jesus first put him in my tummy, he was very small and then he grew bigger and bigger and that Mommy’s tummy stretched really big.

“And Daddy and Mommy were in the snow?” At this question, I wondered if we were digressing, but then realized that we have a framed picture of Chris and I in WI when I was VERY pregnant with Isaiah. What does this child miss?

We discussed the picture some and I explained that it was taken right before he was ready to come out of mommy’s tummy. Then the Doctor took him out of Mommy’s tummy and then Mommy and Daddy hugged him and kissed him and were really happy.

And then came the BIG question… “But, how did the doctor get me out?” I told him that Mommy’s have a place for babies to come out of and that the Doctors know how to do it. That seemed to satisfy him for the time being. Thank goodness… my brain was getting tired.

By the way, the picture is of me pregnant with Isaiah… which I can’t believe I’m letting all of you see!

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