Beauty and the Bish

I love kid words. Isaiah has a red “bish.” I was a little confused when he first mentioned his “bish,” but through a lot of questions I discovered it was a little red squirt gun. The reason it’s called a “bish” is because you point it at people and say, “Vwoosh, Vwoosh, Vwoosh!”

Leah is turning into quite the little diva. One of her favorite things is to invade our bathroom and pull all of my beauty products from under the sink. We’ll find her wiping nail polish bottles across her eyelids and lips (don’t worry, I can barely get them open, much less her). Chris found her today, applying chalk to her lips (Again, don’t worry, it’s non-toxic). She watches me very carefully when I get ready and is thrilled when I hand her a hairbrush and let her rub it on her head. She also is very proud of herself when I put lotion on her cheeks… she probably thinks it’s foundation.

She also loves to play with her shoes. She’ll grab a pair of Mary-Janes and carry them all over the house. It becomes a problem when I’m getting her ready to go and can’t find a matching pair of footwear. Her lady-like tendencies interest her in her little, fuzzy, pink purse that she hangs on her arm and then heads for the door, exclaiming, “Bye! Bye! Bye!” Her joy is complete when I hand her a baby doll and say, “Ohhhh! What a nice Mommy!”

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