San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

The Prophet Isaiah

Isaiah came downstairs, his eyes all sparkly, and said, “Guess what, Mommy! I just heard Jesus’ voice!”

I asked him what Jesus had said, and he replied, “He said, ‘Yes.'”

Obviously I had to inquire what he had asked Jesus. Isaiah said, “I asked Him, ‘Can you feel my finger?'” and he demonstrated with an extended index finger.

Then he told me, “It sounded really quiet in my ear, like a whisper.”

This is what happens when you name your son after a prophet.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Pictures For God

Leah brought me a picture she drew and said, “When we go up to heaven, I’m going to give this picture to God.”

She then pointed to the figure at the bottom right and said, “An’ that’s God!”

I noticed that “God” had a heart in His hand, so I asked her about that. She replied, “That means I love Him.”

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Lost in Translation

Today, I was listening to a Bill Johnson sermon while I did dishes. Leah was quietly coloring at the table, when Bill Johnson said something about the “agenda of Holy Spirit.”

Leah looked up from her picture and exclaimed, “Agenta?! Hey! That’s on Blues Clues!”

“Do you mean Magenta?” I asked.

The pinkish-purple puppy was indeed who she thought Bill Johnson was preaching about. Makes you wonder about her other thoughts on theology!

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Who needs a comedian… I have Isaiah

Chris took Leah to the doctor for her well-baby checkup. Before they left, I was laying Isaiah down for his nap and explaining that Daddy was going to take baby to the doctor. Without even hesitating, Isaiah asked in a worried tone, “We’ll get another one?” “Another baby?” I asked. He said, “yeah,” so I tried to explain that Daddy would take her and bring her right home. We both agreed that we didn’t want another baby and that we wanted to keep this one. “He will miss me?” he asked (We don’t quite have our male and female pronouns sorted out).

I tried to explain that Baby was part of our family, so I told him that she was a Davis and that he was a Davis too. He said, “No, I’m a boy.” After a little more explaining, he started to get the Davis concept down. He asked some important questions to figure it all out, “Isaiah a Dabis?” “Baby a Dabis?” “You a Dabis?” Then things became more abstract, “Thomas bed a Dabis?” I agreed, since the Thomas bed belongs to our family. “Lib’ary books a Dabis?” “No,” I explained, “They are the library’s.” I think we sorted it all out eventually.

You may have read this in Chris’ blog, but while he was at the doctor, his cell rang and it said it was me calling. He answered it, but only heard a dialing sound. When he finished at the doctor he called me back. It rang a few times and then our son (who was supposed to be napping) answered. In a whisper he said, “Hi.” Chris said hi back and Isaiah pipped up, “Hi Daddy!” Chris tried to find out why Isaiah had my phone, but all he got was a long jumble of an explanation. So he told Isaiah to go take the phone to Mommy. Isaiah promptly hung up. Right about that time, I poked my head in his door to make sure he was behaving. “I talk to Daddy!” he proudly informed me. I was confused for a moment, until I saw my phone lying on his floor.

I was talking about Jesus the other night with Isaiah and he told me, “They throw Jesus in the water.” I was a little confused about which Jesus story we were referring to, so Isaiah went on to explain, “Then da’ fish ate him!!!” It took me a while to convince him that was Jonah, one of Jesus’ friends. Turns out they had learned about Jonah that week in Sunday School.

Another night I was telling Isaiah that Jesus lives in heaven. He said, “Yeah, up in the stars. He made dem!” So we talked about all the things that Jesus made… the sun and moon, the trees, etc. Then he said, “An’ Jesus made da Pittsburgh house!”

Isaiah is a super big brother. One of the elders from our church was holding Leah at a party. Isaiah saw her sitting with him and his wife and got concerned. He came over to were I was sitting and said, “Where’s baby?” I told him Mr. Anthony had her. He wasn’t satisfied that I was doing my job, so he said, “Come wid me…” He took me by the hand and led me over to the area were they were sitting. When he saw that I knew where she was and was OK with it, then he was fine with it too. I guess he was just checking up on me.

As much as he loves his little sister, Isaiah does have some objections to her new crawling abilities. When she starts getting to close to his toys, he’ll say, “Mommy, get Baby!” Or he’ll exclaim, “No Baby! No Baby! No Baby!” He also tries to tell her what toy to play with, which doesn’t get very far. He’ll bring her a toy and say, “He wants to play with this… Here, Baby. Here, Baby.” Of course she doesn’t ever want to play with the thing he wants her to play with.

Leah went to her first fireworks show. She was a little overwhelmed. She didn’t cry, but her face looked kind of shocked as she watched the sky. Isaiah was intimidated by the big booms at first, but pretty soon he figured out it was fun to try to make as much noise as the fireworks! This picture is us eating snow cone and cotton candy at the carnival by the fireworks.

And, last but not least… I saw the snake! It definitely lives under the rocks behind our house. I was taking Chester outside and heard something in the grass, and there it was slithering away for all it was worth. I didn’t see it’s eyes, which is OK by me. But I still screamed for a good bit! Chris thinks that is funny, but it’s just an involuntary reaction. Snake=scream.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Life NEAR the Big City

Leah is growing too fast. It’s hard to believe she’s already 6 months old. She tried her first solid food about a couple weeks ago. She was not impressed. But I kept shoving rice cereal in her face every day. Finally, a couple days ago, she decided she liked it! Since then, she’s also tried a little banana. She liked that a lot! She also rolled over from her back to her belly a couple week ago. I actually missed the first time she did it. She was laying on the floor in her room. I had my back to her, putting stuff away in her dresser and when I turned around she was on her belly. So I got the camera and waited for her to do it again. She did, but she was so laid back about it, it didn’t look like the big event it was. Now she rolls over all the time. She’ll roll over in bed and then fuss because she’s still all wrapped up in her blankets.

We are enjoying our new house in PA. We’re only 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, and about 5 minutes from a major shopping center, but we also get quite a taste of the country. One night I got up to feed Leah and my half asleep eyes saw something standing in my neighbor’s yard. I did a double take, thinking that it was awfully big to be a dog. It was actually a deer!

We have a couple friends from CA staying with us. One of the girls was looking out my kitchen window and she said calmly, “You have a beaver in your backyard.” I freaked out! I’ve never even seen a real beaver, much less had one wandering around my yard. It was about the size of a big cat and the fattest little guy you can imagine. He was waddling around all cute. I was surprised by his tail. I always thought they had leathery tails, but his was furry. So our theory is that they just look all smooth when they are wet. We saw the beaver again today, so think he’s taken residence in our area, which makes me happy. I hope he’ll build a dam in our creek. That would be exciting! Yes, I am a city girl.

Tonight I was putting Chester outside and he saw a deer in the woods behind our house. She saw him too, and took off running. Chester almost dragged my arm off as he tried to chase her. He did not appreciate having to share his yard with another animal. He’s a city dog, too.

We had a nice Easter! Our church had really pretty services to celebrate. Both our Good Friday service and Easter morning were a delightful blend of traditional and modern, tastefully woven together. Like I said, we have friends visiting from CA, which is a big treat! My children both looked adorable in their Easter clothes. We had a fun little Easter egg hunt with Isaiah. And we ended the day with a fabulous meal over at Pastor and Clara’s house.

Speaking of our church, one of the things that really blesses us is how much Isaiah is learning in his little classes. The other day I heard him making a lot of noise in his room, when he was supposed to be napping. I went in to lay him back down and he defended his actions with “But, I say ‘Jesus!'” And then he demonstrated how he had been jumping on his bed shouting, “Je-sus! Je-sus! Je-sus!” How can you correct him for doing that?

Then, a couple nights ago, I told him he couldn’t have a toy in bed with him. He was unhappy about my decision and then told me, “Jesus help me.” I said, “Jesus helps you?” He responded, “Yeah, Jesus help me when I’m sad.”

We have videos of Isaiah hunting Easter eggs, Leah rolling over, Isaiah singing, and Leah eating. You can view them by clicking here: Videos of our kids!

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