About Hannah

IMG_7830As a mom, finding the excitement and beauty and joy and humor isn’t always easy. But I believe in hunting for it. Especially the funny. Because if I don’t laugh, then I might cry, which would totally freak my kids out.

Those kids… I have 13-year-old Isaiah, who is too smart for my good. There’s 10-year-old Leah, whimsical beyond compare. Enoch is a rough and tumble 3 year old, simultaneously bringing terror and delight. We still think Phoebe is the baby, but she’s really a toddler who is busy finding ALL of her emotions.

We also have a couple of dogs with no manners, because we are bad puppy-parents. Seriously, they act like animals.

I can’t think of anything I like better than spending time with my husband, Chris. We try to talk about the Gospel, and racial justice, and how to lead a church, but the kids are usually too loud.

Other than that, I drink a lot of coffee, procrastinate too much, avoid outdoors like the plague, and never wear shoes that hurt my feet.

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