About Hannah

As a mom, finding the excitement and beauty and joy and humor isn’t always easy. But I believe in hunting for it. Especially the funny. Because if I don’t laugh, then I might cry, which would totally freak my kids out.

Those kids… I have 13-year-old Isaiah, with an ironic sense of humor and the ability to build anything out of Legos. There’s 11-year-old Leah who tells stories through her drawings, videos, and non-stop conversation. Enoch is a sweet natured (and sometimes stubborn) 4 year old, with a passion for animals. 3-year-old Phoebe is our baby who speaks her mind, but has sunshine in her smile.

(And then there is our Yorkie, Oliver, who barks at the mailman and every passing dog.)

I can’t think of anything I like better than spending time with my husband, Chris. We try to talk about theology, and racial justice, and what needs to be fixed around the house. But the kids are usually too loud.

Other than that, I drink a lot of coffee, procrastinate too much, avoid outdoors like the plague, and never wear shoes that hurt my feet.


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