For a couple of years, whenever I stumbled across people’s adoption blogs, I always ended up crying and forwarding the links to my husband.

But I was pretty convinced adoption wasn’t something for me to do. It was for other people. Because I had my “2.5 children” and was comfortable.

Probably, everyone around me was sure I should adopt, long before I knew… because I talked about it ALL THE TIME. I even tried to convince other people to adopt.

But not me.

So one day, I was midway through telling my husband about one of my favorite adoptive families. And he said, “Speaking of adoption…” and then he walked into the other room.

And I just knew that all my excuses were canceled.

I followed him and demanded what his vague comment meant. He explained that a few weeks earlier, he felt the Lord tell him we were supposed to pursue adoption.

It was actually kind of a relief. Like someone was saying, “You can want this and you can do this and it will be OK.” Sometimes, we just need permission, you know?

So that is how our journey started.

A few years down the road, and our family of four has become a family of six. We are a multiracial family now. There is a lot we have learned, and so much more to discover.

Adoption isn’t anything like the movies. There are so many peoples’ stories intertwined in our family now. Beauty and brokenness are all jumbled together with nuanced emotions and a lot of love. And it’s good like that.


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