I love watching my kids interact together. It’s fascinating how their little personalities play off of each other.

Speaking of being played… my son is figuring out how to con his little sister! Leah is getting old enough that she has some preference about what movie they watch. This morning, Isaiah was wanting to watch Lady and the Tramp, but he knew it was technically Leah’s turn to choose.

He said, “Puppies, Leah! Puppies!” and waved the case in her face. She made some disapproving sounds, but he put the disc in anyway.

Now, the previews of my kids’ favorite movies fill them with blissful anticipation of movie watching goodness. Isaiah used this to his favor in convincing his sister to watch his movie. For each preview, he shouted “yay!,” clapped his hands and encouraged Leah to join in the rejoicing. There’s no way Leah can resist a good cheer, so she shouted “yay!” and clapped her hands too. By the time the actual movie started, she had completely forgotten that she hadn’t wanted to watch it.

She was conned.

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