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Brain. Tired. Can’t. Write.

I miss my blog.

I miss saying funnyish things. I miss writing snarky irony, and then toning it down a bit so I won’t shock you all.

But my brain is just too tired.

I mean, it turns out starting a church can keep you pretty busy. And then I’ve been doing some freelance writing. Where people pay me dollars to write words.

So all my brain energy has been spent on plotting and scheming for the Kingdom of God and selling my artistic soul for corporate materialism.

(Kidding. I’ve actually been writing for some really cool people. And I now know things about cranes and lawyers and veterinary medicine. Things that I never knew before.)

But I think someday I’ll write just for me again. You know, when life slows down…

See you in 10 years.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Blogs In the Night

Sometimes when I go to bed, I just lay there and THINK.

But not like normal people think as they gently drift off to sleep.

No, I blog. In my head. When I’ve had coffee too late.

And then, if the sentence structure is really good, or the coffee was really, really strong: then I get up and actually type out my thoughts. Or pieces of my thoughts. And save it to finish later.

But I never do. Because in the morning, it doesn’t seem that profound. Or anything. And somehow, I never actually blog for real.

So I’m just going to post this tonight. Or maybe not.*


*Actually posted in the morning.
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I’m really wanting to blog more…

When I first started blogging, I thought I had to record each minute detail of my life. If I missed a couple of days of blogging, I’d do a recap, so that no one missed one second of my amazing, fascinating existence. Yeah. The thing is… no one really cares what I had for breakfast. Shocking, I know.

My next blogging tactic was to only write about the “really interesting” stuff. But again, my idea of really interesting and what was actually interesting to other people was vastly divergent. I realized this, hopefully sooner than later.

So I finally settled into the mode of only blogging when I “felt it.” I’d lay in bed at night and write Pulitzer worthy blog entries in my mind. But when I got up the next morning, I never felt it. So all that genius was lost to the world. In fact, blogging when I felt it, was a nice way of saying I never blogged.

And now, I’m sinking to the epitome of bad blog entries. I’m blogging about blogging.

Bear with me, oh reader. I truly am going to attempt to get back on my blogging bandwagon. I will try not to bore you or tell you about my breakfast. I will endeavor to amuse you and challenge you with good-enough-to-win-a-Pulitzer¬† blog entries. And I assure you, I won’t blog about blogging… for a while, anyway.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

You might not have liked Jesus…

I’m not very faithful in reading other people’s blogs (except my husband’s, but that’s probably only because he’s so cute). But John Mark McMillan always has such interesting blog titles that he’s snared me in more than once. Besides, it’s a safe bet that, loving his lyrics as much as I do, I’m bound to be intrigued by his other writing as well. Today was no exception and I wanted to pass an excerpt on to you:
Jesus isn’t exactly so safe himself: He might spit in your eyes (Mark 8:23), he might call you a dog (Matt 15:26), he may ask you to do things that you can’t do (Matt 14:29), he might bring 120 gallons of wine to a party where people have been drinking all day (John 2), he may lead you to open sea in a storm (Mark 4:37), he might change your life then ask you not to tell any one (Luke 8:56), he and his friends might get arrested (John 18:12), he might offend your friends (John 6:66), he might insult the “righteous” people (Matt 23:27), he might let guilty people off the hook (John 8:10-11), he might offend his own family members (Luke 8:19-21, 14:26), he might hang out with people you don’t like (Luke 19:7), he might start a riot (John 2:15), he might use toilet speak to support a spiritual principle (Mark 7:20), he might tell you that what you’ve believed your whole life is wrong (John 3), he might use offensive language at the dinner table (Luke 11).
The way I see it, Jesus is anything but safe, but he’s never boring! And isn’t that what we really want?

I like that. Jesus did what the Father was doing regardless of how it appeared to others, regardless of who it bothered. I wonder what would happen if I lived like that?

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A Web Designer’s Wife

You know what they say about doctors’ wives being sick and cobblers’ wives going barefoot? Well, my husband is a pastor and I love the Lord, so we’re OK on that front. But in his spare time, he designs websites and that is where things get a little sticky. Every time he redesigns his blog, it is more exciting than the last one. So I look at him with my big brown eyes and say, “What about my blog?” and he looks back at me with his grey-blue eyes that say, “Not on your life!”

This is not to say that he’s never designed me a blog. I’ve had some very nice ones handcrafted by him. But they pale in comparison to the fancy ones he makes for himself. It’s kind of like how I get the $20 dollar cellphone and he gets the one that can brew coffee. In all fairness, I wouldn’t know what to do with a fancy blog or cell phone, but it’s the principle of the matter!

So when he started working on his latest brilliant design (It really is amazing! Check it out at, I got that look in my eye and he got that other look in his. This time, I realized I had to use drastic measures, so I gave him complete artistic license (pretty much). And what you are currently viewing is his design genius at work!

So thanks, Babe! I really will try to use it, since it’s so pretty. And I promise not to ask for a new one… not for a while, anyway!

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Another blog, just for you!

Everyone has been telling me to blog. Chris even gives me suggestions about what I should blog about. We’ll be talking about something, like my opinion on the Emergent Church or why large grapes always have seeds, and he says, “You should blog about it!” To which I reply, “I don’t blog about stuff like that.” Someone else told me I needed to blog and I told them I probably would in the next week or two. “I feel a blog rising up inside of me,” I assured them. I have to feel it! Others think I should skip the blog step and just write a book. Find me a publisher and I’ll think about it.

So on to THE BLOG!

Leah has a tooth and a half. She’s almost 11 months so it’s about time. The half one is really not very visible yet, but the one you can see is the cutest tooth ever. She tried it out on mom a couple times. I didn’t appreciate it and it was one factor in the “it’s time to ween” decision.

The other factor is that Chris and I have an anniversary coming up. Last spring our Pastor’s wife did a Bible study with the ladies of our church. Since I’d already done the study in California, she asked me to do childcare. When she told me, “I owe you, Hannah,” I grinned evilly and said, “Watch my kids for our anniversary?” And so the deal was made. I have a babysitter for our anniversary. An overnight babysitter! And we’re not using her for a youth event! Oh yes, Leah will be weened by October!

Actually, she already is. My plan had been to transition her right to sippy cups, but Leah disagreed, so I finally broke down and gave her a bottle. She liked those a lot better, but I still always nursed her when she woke at 4:00 am. Finally the night came where I had a bottle all waiting for her when she woke for her nightly feeding. She took a few sips and then threw it on the floor. So I put her back to bed. An hour later she woke again and Chris decided to give it a try. She took one look at him through the crib bars and threw herself down in her crib, protesting intensely. She definitely knew Daddy didn’t have what she wanted! After we made it through that traumatic night, she has been willing to take her bottles. So I get to have an anniversary!

Leah has known how to clap her hands for a while, but the other night she learned to raise her hands. She claps a little and then if we say, “Praise Jesus!” she’ll lift her hands up in the air! The Sunday morning after she learned this skill, she saw people in church raising their hands, so she joined in. She threw her head back and her hands up as high as she could get them, much to the delight of those around her.

Chris just redesigned the kids’ site. When he was working on it, he showed Isaiah pictures of him as a baby. Isaiah thought about them and then asked, “What happened to me?” When we see how big he is, we wonder the same thing.

The other night, Chris came downstairs to find Isaiah hiding behind the couch, peaking over the top to watch Wallace and Gromit. Chris asked if he was alright and Isaiah responded, “Yeah, everything’s OK.” Chris asked him if he was scared. “No, not really,” Isaiah assured him, but then went on to tell him what was so “scary” about the movie.

As for the third child (the one that enables us to have 2.5 children… commonly referred to as the dog), he ran away again. Really, we’re getting used to it. The odd thing is that he escapes for a different reason every time. Never has the same part been at fault in our collar/leash/run system. So it is very hard to prevent these expeditions. We just left the door cracked open for him. An hour later he came in growling, with his fur standing on end. He’s such a big baby, something must have scared him and he came running back home to Mommy.

I always say Chester should be called Cinderella. He’s like the step-child that gets the second-rate treatment. When the whole family piles on the couch to watch a movie, Chester has to lay on a pillow on the floor. When we all go out for some fun activity, Chester gets put in his “house.” When family vacation time comes, Chester goes to the kennel. Poor guy… it’s no wonder he runs away.

If you want to check out the new design of our kids’ site, go to

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Chris has been fussing at me to blog… but I just haven’t “felt” it. You’d think I didn’t talk to him, so he had to read my blog to find out what is going on in my life. Actually, I think it’s because he’s been blogging every day, so he wants me to share his new found passion! If you haven’t been reading his blog, you should start… he’s smart and it’s good.

We have a library! That might not seem that exciting to you, but after two years in Salinas (a city that made national news by closing all its libraries for lack of funding), I’m pretty excited! Our first visit, I picked out a bunch of mystery books like Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. Chris has encouraged our youth staff to read a book a month and being the devoted staff members that they are, they’ll probably do it. So with my mystery books under my arm, I innocently asked my husband, “Do these count as my book a month?” He responded with great disdain, “No! You have to read something with substance!” To which I replied, “Well, I’m glad I’m not youth staff, then.” He said, “but you’re my wife.” I agree… but that is completely different than staff.

My sister is visiting us. My parents are in Peru, so she’s staying at our place for a couple weeks. We’ve been showing her the great sights of Pittsburgh, or at least the great shopping! Oh my goodness… we found the best Mexican restaurant!!!! I’m so stinkin’ happy! It’s on a street with old buildings, a few bars, some law offices, and not much else. It’s called Mexico City, which I find amusing. My husband has always dreamed of some day moving to Mexico City. I have some issues with the idea and we teasingly spar about it every once in a while. So I told him it would warm his heart if I started asking to go to “Mexico City.”

But back to the food… it was fabulous! The prices were cheap and the food was served more gourmet style than I’ve ever seen in a “hole in the wall” Mexican restaurant. All the workers were Mexican (always a good sign) and they cooked the food in the front windows, like I’ve seen it done in Mexico. The atmosphere was nice too. And the sign said they even have live Mariache bands once in a while.

Kid update? Leah sits up all by herself, now. She laughs super funny sometimes too. She squints her eyes and kind of snorts. It’s hilarious and I’m not sure who she is trying to copy… hopefully not me! She isn’t quite crawling, but she squirms her way around to get to the toys she wants. And she eats cheerios like crazy!

Isaiah just keeps getting smarter and bigger. He’s still infatuated with Thomas. It’s fun watching his little personality develop.

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