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Isaiah’s Bad News

My son, Isaiah, goes to preschool at the local high school… we like to tell people that he’s very advanced! Actually, the preschool is put on by the Child Development class. It is run by a teacher and the teenagers act as her helpers.Discovering details about Isaiah’s school activities is quite a task. When I pick him up and ask him what he did that day, he invariably answers, “I don’t remember.” I would worry about his short term memory skills, but the other moms say they have the same problem with their kids.

So we moms have tapped into a fool proof plan to get our kids talking about their day. We ask, “What did you have for snack?” Suddenly a torrent of information pours forth, not only about snack, but about the rest of the day’s events. It’s true, food tears down boundaries!

Yesterday, Isaiah was pretty quick to tell me about his day. We got in the car and the first thing he said was, “Mommy, when it was almost time to go, Ms. Rocchio told us something bad.” He paused for a moment and then cheerfully concluded, “But I don’t remember what it was.”

I scoured my mommy-brain for the right question to get to the heart of the matter. I asked him if someone had done something naughty. My query launched Isaiah into another story of the day.

Isaiah: “When we were painting with our hands, some of the kids put paint on the wall.”

Mommy: “Did you put paint on the wall?”

Isaiah: “No, I didn’t. My friend and I were with the kids when they did it, but we didn’t do it.” He paused and then, sensing my skepticism, asked, “Are you going to call my teacher?”

To effectively do my motherly duty, I gave him a long diatribe on respecting others’ property, assured him I hoped he had not put paint on the wall, and concluded with an admonition to apologize to Jesus and his teacher if he had been involved in the wall incident.

When I came up for air, Isaiah got back to the conversation that started it all, “Mommy, Ms. Rocchio said that pretty soon I’m going to be in Kin’ergarten and then there will be NO HELPERS! That’s bad.”

I think I was relieved to find out that the “bad” news was just the fact that Isaiah was going to miss the teenage helpers. When I explained to Isaiah that Kindergarten didn’t start until after the summer, he was relieved too!

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