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The (Almost Not a) Princess Cake

Leah turned 4. Not quite sure how that happened, but in honor of the blessed event, we’re having a Princess Party. With a princess cake.

I’m no cake decorator, but I offered a cake with a princess crown on it. How hard could it be? I got a nice squeeze tube of pink frosting to do the trick. I did not read the back of that pink frosting.

Probably should of.

Did you know that when you buy Cake Mate Easy Squeeze frosting, that you also have to buy (or have on hand) Cake Mate decorating tips… to attach to the frosting? I didn’t.

I just assumed it would come with a nice pointy tip so that I could draw beautiful frosting designs all over my cake. But that was obviously not going to happen, so I looked at Chris and said, “I think I can make it work.”

And I’m pretty good at making things work. This isn’t the first time I haven’t read the packaging. I’m almost a professional wing-it girl!

It might not have been quite the look I was going for. But I think Leah will be happy. Especially because my way means double the frosting in each bite!

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Happy Birthday, Leah!

It’s hard to believe that our little Leah turned 1 last Thursday! It’s crazy how the time has flown. We went to Rita’s for Italian ices and then had a little party the next night. I’m really happy because Leah actually like the Little People castle we got her. Usually we buy our kids toys that seem really cool to us, but they aren’t interested in them or they are too young for them. But the castle was a hit. She spends a lot of time putting the people on the turrets and banging the dragons together and fun stuff like that!

In the midst of all the birthday celebrating, we’ve discovered what a little drama queen Leah is. She started not feeling well the night of her party and it persisted through the weekend. By Sunday, she was just laying with her head on my shoulder and moaning. We knew she was teething, but she kept tugging her ears, so we were afraid it was more than that. Chris took her to the doctor, who told us that she had a mild virus… it was not serious, she did not need medicine, and we should just give her tylenol (which we’d already been doing). So basically, she was making a big deal out of nothing! I’m so not used to little girl style.

Isaiah is obsessed with birthdays, ever since he went to a party for one of his friends. He is convinced that people give HIM gifts on their birthdays. So we weren’t sure how he would handle Leah’s birthday. He actually did pretty well. He understood that the presents were for Leah, but he still couldn’t wait to get his hands on them to play.

Overall, I think Leah’s birthday just gave him more ideas for planning his own birthday. Everyday, sometimes more than once a day we have a conversation that goes like this:

Isaiah: “But it will be MY birthday later!”
Mommy: “Yep.”
Isaiah: “And Mommy and Daddy will get cake for my birthday! You will do that!”
Mommy: “Yep.”
Isaiah: “And eberybody will come for my birthday. And Pastor will come for my birthday.”
Mommy: “Probably.”
Isaiah: “And Sara will give me a present for my birthday. It will be a car. That will be real cool!”
Mommy: “We’ll see…”

There’s a lot more details he has all planned out too, so I just hope his birthday lives up to all his expectations!

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers


So yesterday was my birthday! Except, around our house, birthdays last about a week. On Sunday Chris took me to Chili’s. We love Chili’s, but we have to drive 30 minutes to get there, so it’s not usually a spur of the moment thing. Chris told the waitress that we were celebrating my birthday, so a bunch of staff came out and sang to me. And they brought me the token sundae. Did you know they charge you for that sundae? I thought that was kind of funny!

When I came home from doing my grocery shopping this week, something smelled really good. I asked Chris what smelled so good and he said, “I don’t know. There is a candle burning.” Five minutes later, he pulled a cake out of the oven… sneaky! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? My husband made me a cake!

I got my actual birthday present a couple weeks ago. Chris got me a digital camera. I don’t know what kind it is, except that it is a Sony, it is small and sleek, and it takes good pictures! So I’ve been having a lot of fun with that!

Then, yesterday, Chris gave me a bunch of dangly earrings, even though the camera was supposed to be my whole present. My husband is never satisfied unless he is spoiling me :). I’ve concluded that there are few things in the world that make me happier than dangly earrings!

We went to our favorite taqueria for dinner. So I didn’t have to cook, and they have the best chips there! This made me very happy!

In non-birthday news, Isaiah is doing great without his pacifiers. The first day, he never did get a nap in. He was just too upset. But by the time he went to bed, he had enough time to think it all through and he didn’t even ask for his nu-nu. He hasn’t asked for it since, so I think he’s going to be just fine!

Last night, Isaiah put his first mural in our home. Somehow he had gotten some crayons smuggled into his room. We put him to bed, not realizing this. So when I went to re-tuck him in, I found red crayon ALL over his wall! He was trying to show me where he had drawn a tree, but I was having a hard time getting excited about his artistic masterpiece!

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