The Truth About Santa and Spider Man

If you have small children in the room, you may not want to read this blog aloud… just saying. ;)

My kids know “the truth” about Santa. We’ve never told them that Santa brings their presents on Christmas (since it’s not really true). But they still like Santa. He’s like a cool Christmas cartoon character to them.

This has never been a big issue for us, but eventually, Isaiah watched enough movies proclaiming the reality of Santa, that he started to ask, “Mommy, is Santa real?” So we explained about St. Nicholas and how he lived along time ago and now he’s in heaven with Jesus, and that Santa is a cartoon character of St. Nicholas. We explained that people dressed up as Santa at Christmas time.

A few days later, Isaiah was having an especially bad attitude and I asked him what was going on. Being the king of excuses, he told me the reason he was being naughty was because he was sad that Santa was dead. So I had to explain the whole story again and that “Santa” had been in heaven with Jesus for a LONG time and was very happy there.

We got the whole Santa thing squared away, with a special edict not to tell his friends at school, because they might not know. Funny thing about kid brains, is they’re great at extrapolation, as I found out today:

Isaiah was playing with his Spider Man toy with Leah. She exclaimed, “Spider Man!” Isaiah corrected her, “No Leah, Spider Man is in heaven with Jesus. This is just a guy in a costume.”

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