San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

The Santa Claus Conspiracy

Once a week, I volunteer in my son’s 2nd grade class at school. Most of the time, the kids just read with me. However, once in a while they end up sharing their own stories.

Last week, one of the little girls told me she recently heard jingle bells. So she looked out of her mailbox slot and saw Santa and his reindeer flying. “Maybe,” she said, “he was practicing.”

But he did drop off some packages at her house on his practice run, and they are still there.

She explained that sometimes Santa lies a little bit and writes, “From Mom and Dad” on gifts, because he doesn’t want kids to think the packages are from him. But they really are.

I have never, ever heard this theory before and find it very intriguing. It’s not parents who try to convince their children to believe in Santa. Rather, it is Santa who wants children to believe in their parents. Interesting.

This smart little girl also firmly believes in the tooth fairy and has a plan to save up 3 teeth to trick the fairy out of $3 all at once.


(If you’re curious about why my kids think about Santa, read The Truth About Santa and Spider Man)

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

The Truth About Santa and Spider Man

If you have small children in the room, you may not want to read this blog aloud… just saying. ;)

My kids know “the truth” about Santa. We’ve never told them that Santa brings their presents on Christmas (since it’s not really true). But they still like Santa. He’s like a cool Christmas cartoon character to them.

This has never been a big issue for us, but eventually, Isaiah watched enough movies proclaiming the reality of Santa, that he started to ask, “Mommy, is Santa real?” So we explained about St. Nicholas and how he lived along time ago and now he’s in heaven with Jesus, and that Santa is a cartoon character of St. Nicholas. We explained that people dressed up as Santa at Christmas time.

A few days later, Isaiah was having an especially bad attitude and I asked him what was going on. Being the king of excuses, he told me the reason he was being naughty was because he was sad that Santa was dead. So I had to explain the whole story again and that “Santa” had been in heaven with Jesus for a LONG time and was very happy there.

We got the whole Santa thing squared away, with a special edict not to tell his friends at school, because they might not know. Funny thing about kid brains, is they’re great at extrapolation, as I found out today:

Isaiah was playing with his Spider Man toy with Leah. She exclaimed, “Spider Man!” Isaiah corrected her, “No Leah, Spider Man is in heaven with Jesus. This is just a guy in a costume.”

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Visit with Santa Clause

We took Isaiah and Leah to the library for the kids’ Christmas party, featuring a visit from Santa Clause.  Most of the kids screamed, or at least got very shy, when it was their turn to sit on Santa’s lap.  But not my son.  He came running up to Santa waving his Christmas Bingo sheet (from the game they had played before Santa’s arrival) and began telling Santa all about it, complete with how to play.  Isaiah’s definitely a people person!

Leah did OK too.  She was annoyed when I set her down in Santa’s lap, but after a bit of protest she ignored him and went back to her lolly-pop.  Santa was probably annoyed that I sat a sticky one year old in his lap!  He probably labeled me as one of THOSE parents.

The kids each got a stuffed polar bear wearing a Christmas hat and scarf from Santa.  Now, if you’ve been following our family saga, you know that Isaiah’s favorite buddy is a beanie-baby sized monkey named Mee-Mee.  Chris’ mom stumbled across a bigger version of the monkey, made by the same company.  So when she sent it to Isaiah, we told him it was Mee-Mee’s dad.  When we asked Isaiah what Mee-Mee wanted for Christmas, he said, “Mee-Mee want his mom!”  We tried to figure out how we could pull that off.

So back to the polar bear.  I was talking with him about his new bear and he informed me that it was Mee-Mee’s mom!  I asked if that meant she was Mee-Mee’s dad’s wife.  Isaiah thought about it for a minute and then said, “Yeah, he is!”  So Mee-Mee has his mom!

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