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I’m really wanting to blog more…

When I first started blogging, I thought I had to record each minute detail of my life. If I missed a couple of days of blogging, I’d do a recap, so that no one missed one second of my amazing, fascinating existence. Yeah. The thing is… no one really cares what I had for breakfast. Shocking, I know.

My next blogging tactic was to only write about the “really interesting” stuff. But again, my idea of really interesting and what was actually interesting to other people was vastly divergent. I realized this, hopefully sooner than later.

So I finally settled into the mode of only blogging when I “felt it.” I’d lay in bed at night and write Pulitzer worthy blog entries in my mind. But when I got up the next morning, I never felt it. So all that genius was lost to the world. In fact, blogging when I felt it, was a nice way of saying I never blogged.

And now, I’m sinking to the epitome of bad blog entries. I’m blogging about blogging.

Bear with me, oh reader. I truly am going to attempt to get back on my blogging bandwagon. I will try not to bore you or tell you about my breakfast. I will endeavor to amuse you and challenge you with good-enough-to-win-a-Pulitzer¬† blog entries. And I assure you, I won’t blog about blogging… for a while, anyway.

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