Chris has been fussing at me to blog… but I just haven’t “felt” it. You’d think I didn’t talk to him, so he had to read my blog to find out what is going on in my life. Actually, I think it’s because he’s been blogging every day, so he wants me to share his new found passion! If you haven’t been reading his blog, you should start… he’s smart and it’s good.

We have a library! That might not seem that exciting to you, but after two years in Salinas (a city that made national news by closing all its libraries for lack of funding), I’m pretty excited! Our first visit, I picked out a bunch of mystery books like Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. Chris has encouraged our youth staff to read a book a month and being the devoted staff members that they are, they’ll probably do it. So with my mystery books under my arm, I innocently asked my husband, “Do these count as my book a month?” He responded with great disdain, “No! You have to read something with substance!” To which I replied, “Well, I’m glad I’m not youth staff, then.” He said, “but you’re my wife.” I agree… but that is completely different than staff.

My sister is visiting us. My parents are in Peru, so she’s staying at our place for a couple weeks. We’ve been showing her the great sights of Pittsburgh, or at least the great shopping! Oh my goodness… we found the best Mexican restaurant!!!! I’m so stinkin’ happy! It’s on a street with old buildings, a few bars, some law offices, and not much else. It’s called Mexico City, which I find amusing. My husband has always dreamed of some day moving to Mexico City. I have some issues with the idea and we teasingly spar about it every once in a while. So I told him it would warm his heart if I started asking to go to “Mexico City.”

But back to the food… it was fabulous! The prices were cheap and the food was served more gourmet style than I’ve ever seen in a “hole in the wall” Mexican restaurant. All the workers were Mexican (always a good sign) and they cooked the food in the front windows, like I’ve seen it done in Mexico. The atmosphere was nice too. And the sign said they even have live Mariache bands once in a while.

Kid update? Leah sits up all by herself, now. She laughs super funny sometimes too. She squints her eyes and kind of snorts. It’s hilarious and I’m not sure who she is trying to copy… hopefully not me! She isn’t quite crawling, but she squirms her way around to get to the toys she wants. And she eats cheerios like crazy!

Isaiah just keeps getting smarter and bigger. He’s still infatuated with Thomas. It’s fun watching his little personality develop.

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