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A Web Designer’s Wife

You know what they say about doctors’ wives being sick and cobblers’ wives going barefoot? Well, my husband is a pastor and I love the Lord, so we’re OK on that front. But in his spare time, he designs websites and that is where things get a little sticky. Every time he redesigns his blog, it is more exciting than the last one. So I look at him with my big brown eyes and say, “What about my blog?” and he looks back at me with his grey-blue eyes that say, “Not on your life!”

This is not to say that he’s never designed me a blog. I’ve had some very nice ones handcrafted by him. But they pale in comparison to the fancy ones he makes for himself. It’s kind of like how I get the $20 dollar cellphone and he gets the one that can brew coffee. In all fairness, I wouldn’t know what to do with a fancy blog or cell phone, but it’s the principle of the matter!

So when he started working on his latest brilliant design (It really is amazing! Check it out at, I got that look in my eye and he got that other look in his. This time, I realized I had to use drastic measures, so I gave him complete artistic license (pretty much). And what you are currently viewing is his design genius at work!

So thanks, Babe! I really will try to use it, since it’s so pretty. And I promise not to ask for a new one… not for a while, anyway!

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