A Web Designer’s Wife

You know what they say about doctors’ wives being sick and cobblers’ wives going barefoot? Well, my husband is a pastor and I love the Lord, so we’re OK on that front. But in his spare time, he designs websites and that is where things get a little sticky. Every time he redesigns his blog, it is more exciting than the last one. So I look at him with my big brown eyes and say, “What about my blog?” and he looks back at me with his grey-blue eyes that say, “Not on your life!”

This is not to say that he’s never designed me a blog. I’ve had some very nice ones handcrafted by him. But they pale in comparison to the fancy ones he makes for himself. It’s kind of like how I get the $20 dollar cellphone and he gets the one that can brew coffee. In all fairness, I wouldn’t know what to do with a fancy blog or cell phone, but it’s the principle of the matter!

So when he started working on his latest brilliant design (It really is amazing! Check it out at dailylife.ofchrisdavis.com), I got that look in my eye and he got that other look in his. This time, I realized I had to use drastic measures, so I gave him complete artistic license (pretty much). And what you are currently viewing is his design genius at work!

So thanks, Babe! I really will try to use it, since it’s so pretty. And I promise not to ask for a new one… not for a while, anyway!

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