The Santa Claus Conspiracy

Once a week, I volunteer in my son’s 2nd grade class at school. Most of the time, the kids just read with me. However, once in a while they end up sharing their own stories.

Last week, one of the little girls told me she recently heard jingle bells. So she looked out of her mailbox slot and saw Santa and his reindeer flying. “Maybe,” she said, “he was practicing.”

But he did drop off some packages at her house on his practice run, and they are still there.

She explained that sometimes Santa lies a little bit and writes, “From Mom and Dad” on gifts, because he doesn’t want kids to think the packages are from him. But they really are.

I have never, ever heard this theory before and find it very intriguing. It’s not parents who try to convince their children to believe in Santa. Rather, it is Santa who wants children to believe in their parents. Interesting.

This smart little girl also firmly believes in the tooth fairy and has a plan to save up 3 teeth to trick the fairy out of $3 all at once.


(If you’re curious about why my kids think about Santa, read The Truth About Santa and Spider Man)

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2 thoughts on “The Santa Claus Conspiracy

  1. Hi, I recently came across your website when I was looking for a C.S. Lewis quote. I decided to go t the home page and see who posted this site. Then I found this entry. Very interesting and delightful. I am a 53 year old firm believer in Santa Claus. When I was a little girl and asked my mom if there really was a Santa Claus, she responded, “Yes, as long as there are mommies and daddies there will always be a Santa Claus. I have always held on to that and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Santa exists. I’ve seen him numerous times!!! Thanks for the post and God bless you richly.

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