Adventures of the Road

Today I decided I wanted to go to the Target in St. Matthew’s. I’d never even seen it, but fully believed in it’s existence, because said it was real.

Now, to appreciate this, you must understand that I’m a hardcore homebody. And I get lost easier than anyone I’ve met to date. I only go places that I’ve already been to at least once. Or that my husband assures me are only one turn away from somewhere I’ve been at least once. That’s the rule.

St. Matthew’s neighborhood isn’t really far from mine, but I’ve gotten so used to my crazy one-way streets and narrow alleys, that the luxury of all those wide roads and turn lanes throws me off. But for some reason, I decided (against all reason) that I should go to THAT Target. The one I’d never even seen.

I think this sudden independence came from having GPS on my phone. GPS that I’ve never used before, mind you. But it was on my phone so I couldn’t REALLY get lost.

The main street with all the shopping on it was easy enough to get to, since I’ve been there at least twice. My first plan was to just drive down the road and spot Target. I mean, it’s a major retailer, so surely it would be in plain sight. But it wasn’t.

I became increasingly concerned that it wasn’t anywhere near where I was. My kids began saying, “Ugh. We’re lost.” They ride with me a lot, so they’re conditioned to expect this. To get them to quit whining at me, I pulled into a Wendy’s parking lot and fired up the GPS (that I’d never used before).

That thing was crazy! It knew where I was and I could tell it where I wanted to be. And the little blue dot showed why I was on completely the wrong street and how I needed to turn around and take one right and one left to reach my heart’s desire.

Seriously, GPS could potentially change my life! Sure, I got lost two more times, but I could tell almost right away that I was lost. What a deal! And I found that Target. So it can be added to the places I’ve been at least once, with bonus points for me being the driver.

This new found not-getting-lost power is kind of heady. I could go anywhere! But I probably won’t.

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