The (Almost Not a) Princess Cake

Leah turned 4. Not quite sure how that happened, but in honor of the blessed event, we’re having a Princess Party. With a princess cake.

I’m no cake decorator, but I offered a cake with a princess crown on it. How hard could it be? I got a nice squeeze tube of pink frosting to do the trick. I did not read the back of that pink frosting.

Probably should of.

Did you know that when you buy Cake Mate Easy Squeeze frosting, that you also have to buy (or have on hand) Cake Mate decorating tips… to attach to the frosting? I didn’t.

I just assumed it would come with a nice pointy tip so that I could draw beautiful frosting designs all over my cake. But that was obviously not going to happen, so I looked at Chris and said, “I think I can make it work.”

And I’m pretty good at making things work. This isn’t the first time I haven’t read the packaging. I’m almost a professional wing-it girl!

It might not have been quite the look I was going for. But I think Leah will be happy. Especially because my way means double the frosting in each bite!

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