Unicorns and Birthdays and Drawing in Frosting

Leah is our little free bird. She doesn’t make a lot of sense, but she doesn’t have to. The more random she is, the more joy she seems to bring.

I mean, one of the teachers at her school has nicknamed her “Prancing Pony.”

So when it comes to her birthdays, nothing she suggests is a surprise. She usually sticks to the pretty standard princess type themes. But when I inquire about what kind of birthday cake she wants, that is where it goes off of the beaten path.

Last birthday she asked for a flamingo.

This year when we talked about her cake, she said she wanted “That horse with a thing on its head.”

Now, a unicorn wouldn’t be so “out there” for some kids. But I’ve never heard Leah even mention one before (anymore than she’d been into flamingos the previous year).

Isaiah and I discussed whether I could pull it off or not. He said, “Well, if you can do a flamingo, I think you can do a unicorn.” Which made sense.

See, I’m not a cake decorator. At all. In fact, I’ve had some cake disasters. See here. And here. But I can draw ok. So I just thought of it as drawing in frosting.

Here’s the final result:

I wonder what she’ll ask for next year.

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