1st Grade Soap Opera

Yesterday, Leah got in the car after her first day of 1st grade and announced:

“Mommy, guess what! There’s two boys in my class that are in love with me. And I LIKE them!”

At the end of last year, one of the little guys in her class (Brent) wanted to be her boyfriend. Apparently he was back this year, still on his mission. But a new guy was on the scene. His name was Jaybren. His goal was to get married and then have babies and then go on dates.

Brent wanted to get things settled, so he demanded to know which of them Leah liked better. She wisely told him “both.”

Today, on the car ride home, I got the latest update:

“Guess what, Mommy! I saw Jaybren and he’s still my boyfriend. But we don’t want to tell Brent because he’ll get mad if he finds out I picked Jaybren.”

Isaiah interjected, “Yeah, they’d probably start wrestling if they got the chance.”

Leah continued her story:

“You know, me and Jaybren have been acting like a grown up boyfriend and girlfriend. Because we smile at each other we we sit by each other and we run laps [in gym] together. And I really want to marry him and he loves Jesus.”

My girl is already a woman of wisdom. She made sure both guys loved Jesus and then picked the one that wanted to settle down and have babies. Not the one who just wanted a girlfriend. There’s a lesson in here, gentlemen. Commitment wins every time.

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