Springtime… for Cali!

Spring is in the California air! For all of you poor people who are still stuck in winter, I thought I’d tell you what a beautiful day it is out here on the West Coast! The sun is shining, the air is warm, the trees are budding (I would assume… I haven’t checked), families are out riding bikes, and love is blooming around us. It’s no wonder it costs so much to live in CA; they charge us extra for the amazing weather!

Speaking of love blooming, Isaiah gave his little girlfriend a box of chocolates for Valentines. Isn’t that the cutest? Of course he had a little help from his dad, who is teaching Isaiah how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady. He had a little valentine treat for his nursery teacher, Rosalina, too. After church, he told me, “Mommy, I gave a p’esent A-E-Ana. I gave a p’esent Lina.”

Isaiah’s conversation skills are expanding. I got him out of his bath the other day and when he saw his Thomas underpants, he exclaimed, “Oh yes! Big boy pants! I don’t want a baby diaper.”

He has always hated talking on the phone, but recently he has been more interested. The other day I got off the phone with Chris and Isaiah said, “I want to talk to Daddy!” So I called Chris back and Isaiah actually talked to him for a bit. This weekend he talked to his Grandma and his Papa and Gran on the phone too.

Leah is getting to be a little chub. Her legs are so fat and adorable. I love them! At her last doctor visit she was in the 75 percentile for height and weight. So that means that even though she was 4 weeks premature, she has caught up to and even surpassed many of her peers.

She has the most amazing smile. Even when she is crying in her crib, as soon as we go to pick her up, she gives us the hugest smile. She smiles with her whole body. Her cheeks crinkle up and she waves her arms and kicks her legs. One smile from Leah and all your problems seem to vanish. It’s her little baby ministry.

Leah is becoming interested in toys. She likes to grab them, look at them and try to chew on them. She is a very oral learner. She chews on her fists all the time and she is pretty happy to chew on anything else we put in her mouth too.

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