Isaiah’s Ears

As you may know, we’ve all had colds these past few weeks.  I don’t like being sick, but it’s really frustrating when my kids are sick.  The other day, Isaiah woke up from his nap saying his ear hurt.  At first we thought he’d rolled over onto a train (my son doesn’t take stuffed animals to bed; he sleeps with metal trains).  We kept asking him throughout the day if his ear hurt and he said no.  But that night, he woke up complaining that his ear hurt again.  The next day we took him to the doctor and both of his ears were infected.  This was Isaiah’s first ear infection.  He seems to be all back to normal now, so the medicine must have done the trick.When we were flying to Wisconsin, Isaiah claimed that his ears hurt on one of the flights.  Mine had a lot of pressure too, so it must have been something with the flight.  This may be very unscientific, but I wonder if that had something to do with him getting the infection.  Like maybe the pressure pushed junk into his ears or something.

The other night Isaiah did something that made Chester mad enough to bark at Isaiah.  Isaiah was trying to tell me about the incident later.  He said, “Chester, he broked… he brok… he… he brok…”  When he just couldn’t  get the word “barked” out, he opted for giving me a demonstration,  “Chester, he ‘argh, argh, argh’ at me!”

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