Grief Therapy

When we started the adoption process, we had at least an idea of the risks involved.

We knew that nothing was for sure until the mom signed. The baby wasn’t our baby until that happened.

But when the expectant mom we were matched with decided to parent her baby, all of our emotional preparation didn’t keep us from being devastated.

We were thankful she made the decision shortly before we actually met the baby. We were thankful we didn’t bring the baby home and then she change her mind. It could have been so much harder.

But that is small consolation when you were expecting a baby and you end up with nothing but air.

I think everyone grieves loss and disappointment differently. For us…

We got a puppy.

Really, Chris probably would have done anything to make me happy again. Except getting the kitten that I suggested. He always draws the line at cats.

But when I jokingly said something about settling for a puppy, he was on his phone faster than lightening, looking at puppy listings.

I weakly protested the idea. However, when we met up with a lady in an Indiana Chick-Fil-A parking lot to see her 7-week-old Yorkie puppy, I lost all will power.

We brought home the little ball of fluff and named him Oliver.

And he’s kind of like a therapy dog (which I think means I can take him in the grocery store, right?). Because I’ve been pretty much okay since we got him.

Basically, it’s prep for when we DO adopt. Because he’s about as high maintenance as a baby.

I just hope I get him potty-trained before that happens.

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5 thoughts on “Grief Therapy

  1. jen says:

    Your family is so beautiful, you included. I am so sorry you all are going through this. Wish there was something any of us could do to make it all better, but there’s simply not. Lifting you up and hugs. That said, your husband is a smart man. Puppies have a way of making people happy, at least a little :)

    • Jennifer says:

      I LOVE the puppy. I love you guys, as well. When we lived in Florida and moved to a new town, everyone was a little shell shocked at leaving our friends, and especially after a hurricane blew the town away two days later. Someone gave us a farm kitten. She was a tiny, wild thing. We were grateful for her, and she was a loving fireball. I hope and pray that the Lord comforts you and don’t be afraid to ask for prayer or a shoulder when you need it. We are here for you.

  2. Laura Campbell says:

    Dearest Hannah, Chris, and kids,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your adopted baby. The mom changing her mind at the last moment must have been so hard. As a parent of an adopted child I will give you the advice which was given to me by Deana on the day the Foster agency changed their mind about sending the baby to our home and allowed her parents to try and take care of her. “Pray for that baby and the parents. God has a plan for the baby and if that baby is meant to be yours it will happen.” Deana Campbell-Mack. I can tell you that we prayed for Gabrielle for 12 days and recieved a call asking if we would still like her to come to our home. Yes!!! Now the next 2 1/2 years of not knowing if she would stay were hell, but also they were the biggest faith walk Dean and I ever took. God is so good. That baby is in your life for a reason. Maybe it is so that you will cover this chils’s life with prayer. Never forget God loves this child more than your family could and trust in God’s ultimate plan for this baby. God will not break your heart and He will fulfill His promises to you.
    I wish I could give you all a great big hug!!! We love and miss YINZ.

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