You Forgot Something

I know they say women are good multi-taskers, but I’m not so sure that includes “while talking.”

I was on the phone today when it came time to walk to my son’s bus stop. I called Leah to come put her shoes on and continued my conversation.

I talked as we went out the door. I talked as we walked down the street… about a city block’s worth of street. I talked as my daughter danced on the grassy knoll by the bus stop.

In the midst of all the talking, I looked at Leah. She was wearing a t-shirt, underpants and flip-flops. That’s it.

Now, I know she had pants on at some point in the day. But I never checked to make sure they were actually still on as we walked out the door (they weren’t). So this leads me to conclude that I cannot be trusted while talking on the phone.

The good news, is that Leah didn’t mind being pants-less one bit.

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