What I Will Miss About CA

Chris and I love California! Excited as we are about the new adventure the Lord has for us, we are definitely going to miss what we are sure is the most beautiful state in the US. So I have compiled a list of the things that make me sad to leave CA behind.

~ Fervent youth: Of course we will insanely miss each one of them!

~ The gorgeous scenery: Rocky beaches, beautiful mountains, etc.

~ Authentic Mexican food: Specifically Taqueria El Gallo De Oro.

~ The weather: The year round average temperature is 68 degrees!

~ The California aura: Everybody thinks you are cool because you live in CA… you even think you are cool because you live in CA.

~ Wearing flip-flops year round: See the above entry on the weather.

~ Access to fun places: 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, an hour and a half from San Francisco, and only 5 hours from LA.

What I won’t miss about CA:
CA politics.
The medical community.
Having to fly all day to get anywhere.

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