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Quick Trip to DC

I wanted to write a brilliant blog entry about our little one day trip to DC with our Pastor’s family, but I’m just not feeling it. The further away from the trip we get, the less I’m feeling it. So I’ll just give a brief overview.

We started out very early Monday AM and drove until the start of the Metro, which we rode that into DC.

First we went to the Smithsonian… I think it was the Museum of Natural History and Science or something like that. It looked a lot like the museum in the movie Night At the Museum, if that helps. Anyway, it was very cool, but the kids got tired quick.

After the Smithsonian, we wanted to see the sights of DC. Unfortunately it was lots colder in DC than in Pittsburgh. We all froze! But we got some fun pictures and I saw some things up close that I’d only seen from a distance before. I’ve been in DC a couple times, but never for sightseeing.

The squirrels in DC are very friendly, especially when you feed them cereal. Chris actually got one to eat out of his hand! He has a video of it on his blog.

For the pictures, go to our kid’s site,!

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