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Pneumonia? Are You Serious?

So, I have pneumonia. Which is dumb.

I had a fever for a few days and finally dragged myself into Urgent Care. With two kids in tow. You can imagine the fun.

I mean, I probably shouldn’t have even been driving with a fever that high. So I was only capable of mildly fussing at my small people as they sprawled all over the exam room floor (Yes, I know that’s disgusting. I felt disgusted inside, but I didn’t have the energy to figure out a solution.)

The doctor asked if I’d taken anything for my fever, which I hadn’t because I wanted him to see just how high it was.

“Can I give you some Ibuprofen, super high dose?” he asked. (Yes. Yes you can. It’s not like I’m enjoying this fever here.)

Then he told me about the meds he was going to give me for my pneumonia. He said they were a VERY high dosage, but he’d almost always seen them work up until now. He was sure that in the future, they wouldn’t work because the viruses would develop immunity to them. But for now they’d probably work. (That’s encouraging. I think.)

But if they don’t work in two days, I need to go to the ER. (Yay me!)

And then he gave me all the cautions about the meds. He said, “Now, don’t exercise while taking these.”

Even in my semi-delirious state, I laughed and assured him I wouldn’t be doing any exercising. Exercising? I’ve barely been out of bed for the past few days.

And Isaiah, who had already been talking the whole time the doctor talked, at that point said, “Yeah, my mommy doesn’t exercise.” (Thanks, Son.)

So, now I’m medicated and resting and staying hydrated, but not with anything dairy, because my super high-dosage pills don’t like dairy.

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