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The Kids

Wow! Have we ever been busy! Lots of birthday parties and Christmas parties. Last night we had our youth Christmas party. We cleared out all the chairs in the sanctuary and put up a bounce house in there! It was pretty fun and of course Isaiah loved it.

Chester even had a birthday! He is a big 2 year old now (that’s 14 in dog years). He got some bones and a new collar. It is red and looks really nice against his dark fur. Surprisingly, he got really excited when we pulled out his presents. I don’t know how he understood, but he knew he was the center of attention and he loved it!

Isaiah is working on potty-training. I think he thinks a potty-TRAIN is some really cool train he gets for learning to go on the potty. He doesn’t volunteer when he has to go, so I just have to make him go every half hour or so. It’s pretty exhausting. And he refuses to poop on the potty… I think he is scared to do that. Being almost 3 is very traumatic!

Leah is such a girl… obviously! She is really sensitive about how we pick her up. If we don’t hold her close to our body as we lift her up, she gets upset. She doesn’t appreciate her head being bumped, even if it is a very gentle bump. If a bunch of people hold her, she has a meltdown when we get home. I don’t remember Isaiah doing any of those things. He took it all “like a man!”

Another thing I don’t remember Isaiah doing is smiling all the time. Leah loves to smile, laugh and talk. We’ll go in her room to get her out of bed and she give us a big grin. She smiles when we change her, she smiles when she is eating, she smiles when she is playing on the floor. She’ll even smile at any random person that is holding her. We love having such a happy baby!

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