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Phones Aren’t for Kids

My kids are visiting their grandparents for a couple weeks. And I’m really loving the break. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to them.

The kids, however, are much too busy. There is always better stuff to do at Papa and Gran’s than talk to Mom. I mean, would you rather go swimming or talk to your parents? That’s a tough one.

So when we get Isaiah on the phone, it goes something like this…

Me: “Hey Buddy! How are you?!”
Isaiah: “Good.”
Me: “Are you having fun?”
Isaiah: “Yeah.” (said in a monotone)
Me: “Are you taking good care of Leah?”
Isaiah: “Yeah.”
Me: “Do you miss me?”
Isaiah: “Yeah.”
Me: “What’s your favorite thing you’ve done?”
Isaiah: “What?”

Leah is definitely more animated, but delivers about the same amount of info…

Me: “Hey Cheeky!”
Leah: “What?”
Me: “How are you?”
Leah: “Good! We’re eating ice cream! Bye, love you!”

I guess I’ll just talk to them when they get home.

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