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Moving In… Moving Forward!

Since I only have about 10 boxes that are still not unpacked, so I think I can safely say we’re moved in.

Our house is cute as a button, but if you don’t believe me, you can watch a video tour Chris made. I really hate cleaning stuff, and a small house means less cleaning, which means a happier me!

Louisville has brought another surprise. I actually LIKE walking the dog. It’s not so much that Chester is great company, but more because our neighborhood is so full of interesting buildings and eclectic people. And it turns out Chester is a great conversation starter!

So I KNOW that you’re sitting there thinking, “It’s so exciting that Chris and Hannah are starting a church in Louisville. I wonder how I can help them with that?” I’m glad you asked! Let me tell you:

The Lord has been faithful (as always) and provided Chris with a job. It is a huge blessing, but definitely doesn’t pay all the bills. So we depend on the financial support that people send our way. We’re trying to avoid Chris having to get a second job, because that will leave no time for us to connect with our community and actually do what we’re here to do.

There’s another area where we really could use some help! We’ve discovered that we’re going to need a second vehicle here. Isaiah’s school is about 15 minutes away, so if he gets hurt or sick, I need to be able to get to him, not to mention running errands, doctors appointments, etc. It’s not like in PA, where Chris could just walk to church when I needed the car.

We’re looking for something pretty cheap, so even small amounts of financial support go a long way towards helping us reach our goal! If you’d live to give towards a Davis-mobile, click here. Best part is, our donations now go through our partner church (CCF) so everything you give is tax-deductible! Yay for that!

I have a third way for you to help us out! I said Chris wasn’t going to get a second job, but that’s not entirely true. He is developing websites for people on the side. So if you need a site (or any other internet help) or if you meet up with someone who does, send that work Chris’ way! A great way to promote this is by recommending people to

So there you have it folks! Only you can prevent forest fires and help us start Destiny Church!

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