Argh, It’s a Tea Party!

My daughter is a girlie-girl. Her chief loves in life are her purse, her babies, her shoes, and food. But today she took it to a new level. She put on her first tea party for her babies. On my honor, I did not instigate it in any way.

Actually it was a cereal party. She put two of her play bowls on the floor and placed pieces if cereal in each one. Then she brought over two of her babies and placed one by each bowl. She had another cereal party later in the evening, this time using cups. Chester really wanted to join the party, but he wasn’t welcome.

Isaiah’s fascination in life is being rough and being loud, so one of his favorite things to play is pirates. The couch is the good boat and the recliner is the little boat, so Pirate Isaiah fights with Pirate Daddy for the good boat. Argh!

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