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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

were-breaking-upThe thing I probably hate the most about moving to a new city is finding all new doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc.

It’s hard to make wise choices when we are unfamiliar with the layout of a city and don’t know a lot of people to ask for recommendations. Every move, we’ve ended up just picking something or we’ve gone with a chain. Because at least we’d heard of them before.

Unfortunately, we haven’t usually liked what we’ve ended up stuck with. Once we’ve gotten used to the city and make some friends who know of good places, we just have to switch again.

And that is actually even more awful!

Because you have to break up with your old dentist/doctor/vet.

Personally, I want to sheepishly just NEVER GO BACK. But the new office always needs my records and apparently it’s illegal for them to ask for them… or something. So I have to do it.

There are awkward phone calls, where I try to make nice excuses for never darkening their door again. Like, “Oh, we just needed to find something closer to our home. Yes. Yes, I realize you have a location only 8 minutes from my house…” UGH!

It’s just that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’ve been known to stay in an unpleasant professional relationship, just to avoid making someone feel bad.

So. Within the past few months we’ve switched pediatricians, dentists and our veterinarian.

I’ve been ignoring our old dentist’s calls and voicemails. Poor guy, he’s probably worried our teeth are rotting out of our heads. But I just don’t have the heart to tell him I couldn’t handle the guilt and constant up-selling of fancy procedures any more.

With the vet, our old one was a chain location and our new one is a little, local place. Up until this week, I hadn’t needed to “fess” about leaving the old one, but now Chester’s shots are overdue. So I had to make the call to get his immunization records faxed over.

I rationalized that the old vet is a chain, so they probably don’t care one way or the other, right?

They answered the phone, “How can I help your fur-baby?” Gah. The guilt!

But I was cool. I asked for her to fax Chester’s records “somewhere.” When she asked where to send them, I simply gave her the fax number.

Then she said, “What company is this going to?” DRAT DRAT DRAT

I told her the name of our new vet and then she added, “By the way, it looks like Chester is overdue on his shots.”

Seriously! Stop with the caring, already. I’m dumping you! Don’t you get it?

I mean, so far, we love all of our new dentists/doctors/vets. So it’s worth it.

…Right? Tell me it’s worth it.

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Moving In… Moving Forward!

Since I only have about 10 boxes that are still not unpacked, so I think I can safely say we’re moved in.

Our house is cute as a button, but if you don’t believe me, you can watch a video tour Chris made. I really hate cleaning stuff, and a small house means less cleaning, which means a happier me!

Louisville has brought another surprise. I actually LIKE walking the dog. It’s not so much that Chester is great company, but more because our neighborhood is so full of interesting buildings and eclectic people. And it turns out Chester is a great conversation starter!

So I KNOW that you’re sitting there thinking, “It’s so exciting that Chris and Hannah are starting a church in Louisville. I wonder how I can help them with that?” I’m glad you asked! Let me tell you:

The Lord has been faithful (as always) and provided Chris with a job. It is a huge blessing, but definitely doesn’t pay all the bills. So we depend on the financial support that people send our way. We’re trying to avoid Chris having to get a second job, because that will leave no time for us to connect with our community and actually do what we’re here to do.

There’s another area where we really could use some help! We’ve discovered that we’re going to need a second vehicle here. Isaiah’s school is about 15 minutes away, so if he gets hurt or sick, I need to be able to get to him, not to mention running errands, doctors appointments, etc. It’s not like in PA, where Chris could just walk to church when I needed the car.

We’re looking for something pretty cheap, so even small amounts of financial support go a long way towards helping us reach our goal! If you’d live to give towards a Davis-mobile, click here. Best part is, our donations now go through our partner church (CCF) so everything you give is tax-deductible! Yay for that!

I have a third way for you to help us out! I said Chris wasn’t going to get a second job, but that’s not entirely true. He is developing websites for people on the side. So if you need a site (or any other internet help) or if you meet up with someone who does, send that work Chris’ way! A great way to promote this is by recommending people to

So there you have it folks! Only you can prevent forest fires and help us start Destiny Church!

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Louisville, We Are Here!

This is a quick and crazy, thrown together blog to update everyone on our arrival in Louisville, with special thanks to Starbucks and their internet. And if you are wondering what we’re even doing in Louisville, check out

The drive from Pittsburgh to Louisville was uneventful, which is a good thing, because the moving in part wasn’t exactly easy-peasy.

I was all excited to see my new house for the first time! Only problem was our keys wouldn’t open the lock… something to do with new keys and an old lock. To save the day, Chris and Phillip (Chris’ brother) climbed on top of the fence, Chris climbed on top of Phillip and then he climbed onto our neighbor’s porch roof and into our apartment window. So that problem was solved with no loss of life (although I am going to have to mend Chris’ shorts).

Then the movers we’d hired through U-Haul showed up 2 hours late. Which wasn’t really helpful of them, but we were glad they came at all, since Chris and Phillip were not enjoying unpacking the whole truck by themselves.

Now, here’s where the loss of (furniture) life comes in… Our apartment is on the second floor, in an old, old house. Think twisty stairs and narrow doors. And then think big, fat couches. Yeah.

The movers BARELY succeeded in getting our love seat up and refused to even try the couch (whimps). I was tired, and in full-fledged post-moving blues, so I was not a happy camper. Not to mention that our apartment was kind of on the filthy side. So being told I was not going to have a couch did not fill me with joy and joyness.

My husband likes to have me happy, so he agreed to try again today. Phillip, Chris and I used our best maneuvering skills. But standing at the top of the stairs, holding the full weight of a large couch that refused to turn a corner, even I was willing to admit that it MIGHT not fit. I was pretty disgruntled, but then I had the idea that a couple of overstuffed type chairs might look pretty cool in my new living room. And suddenly I felt better. Chris assured me that he would procure whatever I needed and that we would not be forced to sit on the floor for our entire stay in our new place.

So if you live in Louisville, keep your eye on Craigslist for the add for an amazing dark sage couch. Because you know you want to buy it!

Setting aside all the above mentioned trauma, I am pretty sure I love it here! I love how the neighborhood feels. I will love my apartment when it is clean. I love the things the Lord is speaking to my heart. This is going to be so good!

And the highlight of my day? Unpacking a box of dishes and finding a love note from Pittsburgh friends, written on a paper plate. And as I type that, my eyes are not tearing up in Starbucks. Not too much anyway.

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PA Thinks I Can Drive…

I’m now an official PA resident, as proved by my drivers license.  We finally got them changed over today.  A lady at the DMV (or DOT or whatever it’s called) overheard us saying we moved from CA and she exclaimed, “Why in the world did you do that?!”  Yeah.  But weather challenges aside, we are so thrilled to be in PA!  We love our church and what God is doing here.  We can totally see God’s hand on this whole transition and we are having so much fun!

Except… Chris saw a snake outside our back door.  He assured me it wasn’t poisonous, because its eyes weren’t slanty. I don’t want to get close enough to a snake to see its eyes.  I hate snakes!  Now, when I take Chester outside, I’m petrified that I’m going to step on a snake, especially when it’s dark.  Whenever we get our own house, it needs to be in the city, surrounded by cement, with no wildlife or nature or any of that nasty stuff.  I love the line in the movie “Madagascar” where one of the animals freaks out and exclaims, “Nature! It’s all over me! Get it off!”  That’s totally my life motto.

Leah’s trying to figure out how to crawl.  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  My days of peace are almost over!  She can also sit up by herself pretty well.  I still have to sit behind her, because she randomly throws herself backwards and that would really stink if I wasn’t there to catch her.

Click here to watch the movie of Isaiah’s Mother’s Day performance that I promised you!

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I’m Now An East Coaster… Kind Of

Well, we all made it to Pittsburgh safe and sound!  I know this update is a long time coming, but we just got internet today (Hallelujah!).  I got in a week ago, Tuesday and Chris got in last Friday.  He and his dad drove our Jeep across the country.  I flew with Isaiah and Leah.  One of our youth girls from Cali flew with me and helped with the kids.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!  Her boyfriend is our pastor’s son, so she didn’t mind taking some time out of her schedule to visit him in PA.

We expected our truck of stuff to come on Tuesday, but it came on Sunday instead.  This was great, except that the carpets hadn’t been cleaned yet.  So we shoved everything in the kitchen and laundry room while they clean the carpets.

I can’t wait to post pictures of our house… it’s huge!  It’s technically 3 stories.  I’ll have to be careful not to lose Isaiah in it!  The people from our new church have been remodeling, painting, and cleaning the house for weeks.  After the carpets dried from being cleaned, a bunch of people from church came over and unpacked all my boxes!  They were amazing and it was such a blessing, but now I just need to find where they put everything :-)!

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What I Will Miss About CA

Chris and I love California! Excited as we are about the new adventure the Lord has for us, we are definitely going to miss what we are sure is the most beautiful state in the US. So I have compiled a list of the things that make me sad to leave CA behind.

~ Fervent youth: Of course we will insanely miss each one of them!

~ The gorgeous scenery: Rocky beaches, beautiful mountains, etc.

~ Authentic Mexican food: Specifically Taqueria El Gallo De Oro.

~ The weather: The year round average temperature is 68 degrees!

~ The California aura: Everybody thinks you are cool because you live in CA… you even think you are cool because you live in CA.

~ Wearing flip-flops year round: See the above entry on the weather.

~ Access to fun places: 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, an hour and a half from San Francisco, and only 5 hours from LA.

What I won’t miss about CA:
CA politics.
The medical community.
Having to fly all day to get anywhere.

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So Sad/So Excited

Last night Chris and I announced our resignation at our church in CA. It was an incredibly sad night, as we love our youth here so much. We’ve been in CA a little over 2 years and we have seen God do amazing things in the lives of each of them. We’ve made wonderful friends and loved every minute of the time God gave us here.

It’s easy to leave a church when you are mad about something (which is the wrong reason, anyway), but it is very difficult leaving when you have a wonderful church like ours. Sanctuary has loved us, blessed us, and inspired us. We are going to miss these people dearly.

Last November, our senior pastor resigned to take a church in Pittsburgh, PA. He has invited us to join him as his youth pastors. We have accepted his offer and will be moving to Pittsburgh at the end of February.

We have put a lot of time and prayer into this decision and we know this is what Jesus has for us. The relationship that we have with Pastor Bill and Clara is something that the Lord has placed together and we feel called to continue to serve with them.

We are really excited about our move to PA, even if it is taking us away from beautiful Cali! Actually, the Pittsburgh area is beautiful also, but much colder. Isaiah loves the snow and it shouldn’t take me too long to readjust to frigid temperatures. The church out there is very ministry driven, so that should be a fun challenge.

Next Friday, Feb. 23, will be our last youth service and the next Sunday, Feb. 25, will be our last day at Sanctuary. If you are from our area, please stop by and say good-bye to us!

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