Louisville, We Are Here!

This is a quick and crazy, thrown together blog to update everyone on our arrival in Louisville, with special thanks to Starbucks and their internet. And if you are wondering what we’re even doing in Louisville, check out launchdestiny.com.

The drive from Pittsburgh to Louisville was uneventful, which is a good thing, because the moving in part wasn’t exactly easy-peasy.

I was all excited to see my new house for the first time! Only problem was our keys wouldn’t open the lock… something to do with new keys and an old lock. To save the day, Chris and Phillip (Chris’ brother) climbed on top of the fence, Chris climbed on top of Phillip and then he climbed onto our neighbor’s porch roof and into our apartment window. So that problem was solved with no loss of life (although I am going to have to mend Chris’ shorts).

Then the movers we’d hired through U-Haul showed up 2 hours late. Which wasn’t really helpful of them, but we were glad they came at all, since Chris and Phillip were not enjoying unpacking the whole truck by themselves.

Now, here’s where the loss of (furniture) life comes in… Our apartment is on the second floor, in an old, old house. Think twisty stairs and narrow doors. And then think big, fat couches. Yeah.

The movers BARELY succeeded in getting our love seat up and refused to even try the couch (whimps). I was tired, and in full-fledged post-moving blues, so I was not a happy camper. Not to mention that our apartment was kind of on the filthy side. So being told I was not going to have a couch did not fill me with joy and joyness.

My husband likes to have me happy, so he agreed to try again today. Phillip, Chris and I used our best maneuvering skills. But standing at the top of the stairs, holding the full weight of a large couch that refused to turn a corner, even I was willing to admit that it MIGHT not fit. I was pretty disgruntled, but then I had the idea that a couple of overstuffed type chairs might look pretty cool in my new living room. And suddenly I felt better. Chris assured me that he would procure whatever I needed and that we would not be forced to sit on the floor for our entire stay in our new place.

So if you live in Louisville, keep your eye on Craigslist for the add for an amazing dark sage couch. Because you know you want to buy it!

Setting aside all the above mentioned trauma, I am pretty sure I love it here! I love how the neighborhood feels. I will love my apartment when it is clean. I love the things the Lord is speaking to my heart. This is going to be so good!

And the highlight of my day? Unpacking a box of dishes and finding a love note from Pittsburgh friends, written on a paper plate. And as I type that, my eyes are not tearing up in Starbucks. Not too much anyway.

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5 thoughts on “Louisville, We Are Here!

  1. Awww…my eyes are filling up with tears reading all that. I still can’t believe you guys are gone…..

    I understand old, twisty staircases and beautiful plush couches that don’t fit. :) Bummer. BUT two cute overstuffed chairs WOULD look pretty awesome. And if they are ugly, I know how to make a slipcover. (….at least I read how to on the internet. Can’t be that hard, right?)

    Glad you made it. Praying for you and Chris this week, to have relaxing time with your family, to feel like scrubbing that dirty apartment and for Chris to find a job.

    Love you guys!

    • Thanks Kristen! I’ll get with you if I need chair covers. Right now I’m thinking we’ll go the Ikea route, but I’m not sure what they have and our closest one is in Cincinnati, so we’ll see!

      Love you and miss you!

  2. Sharon says:

    Awe – sad about the couch, but new furniture is always fun!! Maybe you can FIND something cool on craigs list? Glad you love it there – I kind of had a feeling you would!! :) I do love the saga of entering your home there – it will make for great stories later!!! XO

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