So Sad/So Excited

Last night Chris and I announced our resignation at our church in CA. It was an incredibly sad night, as we love our youth here so much. We’ve been in CA a little over 2 years and we have seen God do amazing things in the lives of each of them. We’ve made wonderful friends and loved every minute of the time God gave us here.

It’s easy to leave a church when you are mad about something (which is the wrong reason, anyway), but it is very difficult leaving when you have a wonderful church like ours. Sanctuary has loved us, blessed us, and inspired us. We are going to miss these people dearly.

Last November, our senior pastor resigned to take a church in Pittsburgh, PA. He has invited us to join him as his youth pastors. We have accepted his offer and will be moving to Pittsburgh at the end of February.

We have put a lot of time and prayer into this decision and we know this is what Jesus has for us. The relationship that we have with Pastor Bill and Clara is something that the Lord has placed together and we feel called to continue to serve with them.

We are really excited about our move to PA, even if it is taking us away from beautiful Cali! Actually, the Pittsburgh area is beautiful also, but much colder. Isaiah loves the snow and it shouldn’t take me too long to readjust to frigid temperatures. The church out there is very ministry driven, so that should be a fun challenge.

Next Friday, Feb. 23, will be our last youth service and the next Sunday, Feb. 25, will be our last day at Sanctuary. If you are from our area, please stop by and say good-bye to us!

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