San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

First Day of the Rest of Her Life

Today was way less traumatic than last year.

Back to school, that is.

Everyone got ready in plenty of time and I even managed to eat breakfast before taking the kids to school. Nobody had a meltdown when we insisted on taking pictures. I found a parking spot right next to the school. And they let me walk the kids to class.

Yes, on the way, I did somehow manage to dump all the contents of my purse on the floor of my car. Still, compared to all the things that went right, it was minor.

But I feel kind of guilty, a little bit. Because I didn’t cry.

I mean, every mom is supposed to cry when they put their baby into Kindergarten, right? I thought it was a rule or something.

But no. I just cheerily shoved her into class. She gave me a kiss before going to see the guinea pigs. And that was it.

Leah is joining Isaiah at the same school he attended last year. The office staff all know my face and which kid is associated with that face. I mean, everyone knows Isaiah.

So Leah is already known by association. You can’t imagine how many times teachers and staff have ooh-ed and ah-ed, saying, “Isaiah! Is this your sister? Is she coming to school here too? What’s her name?!” Which might annoy some younger siblings, but I can tell Leah loves it.

Now it’s Leah’s turn to make a name for herself. By the end of the year, some people might even refer to Isaiah as “Leah’s brother.” And I think that’s why I didn’t cry.

Because growing up really is a beautiful thing.



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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

He Still Needs Me…

My kids are gone. Yes, every morning this week they’re spending 3 hours learning about Jesus, thanks to VBS. I’m pretty OK with that. Especially the quiet house part.

We have a church in Louisville that is part of Mark Driscoll’s Acts 29 church planting network. We like them. They’re a lot different than us, but they love Scripture and think it’s all about Jesus. So they’re a lot like us too.

The description for their VBS said this:

Lessons focus on who Jesus is, why we can trust him, why we need him, and how he sends his people on mission.

Um, yes please. Can I come too?

So that’s what my kids are doing this week. Isaiah wasn’t too thrilled when we let them in on our plans for them. Leah was ecstatic.

I’ve worried about Leah, because I never put her in preschool or took her to library story-time or anything (second child). And she’s starting ALL DAY Kindergarten this Fall. Cold turkey.

But I’m pretty sure my fears were unfounded. Before we left for VBS, Leah exclaimed, “I’m so excited for today.” Isaiah moaned, “This isn’t going to be any fun.” When we got to VBS, Leah was dragging me into into the church while Isaiah tried to sneak out the door (slight exaggeration). Leah announced, “I’m glad Mommy’s not staying.” Isaiah said, “I want to go home with you.”

Turns out my son got my fear of trying anything new. I took him aside and discussed things with him. We talked about how the first day of school was hard, but things got better. And how the other kids didn’t all know each other either (the church has 4 services on a Sunday). And we reached a compromise that I wouldn’t leave until the music started.

So I waited off to the side, probably looking like one of those freaky helicopter moms. But when my son looked back at me and smiled a little because I was there, I can’t lie: it warmed my heart. And when the music began and he motioned me over and asked for a last kiss, it was a sweet moment.

I mean, he’s normally pretty independent. And I doubt he’s going to do that when he’s 15.

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