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Fashion Triumphs: Shoes From Heaven

I was at Target shopping for socks. Socks are a very practical and sensible thing to buy. But the sock department is cleverly next to the SHOES. Not nice.

So I was dutifully browsing socks, when a pair of ankle boots on the end of a seductively placed shoe shelf caught my eye. They were in the wrong place, next to a bunch of rain boots, and they stood out like a beacon of cuteness calling to me with their siren song.

But I resisted. I mean, ankle boots are more of a want than a need. I guess.

Here’s where it gets trippy. No one walked past the boots. There was no earthquake. All on their own, those boots fell off the shelf. Like a sign from Heaven.

Being a nice person (and slightly curious), I went over to the boots and picked them up. They were my size. NO LIE.

Now hold on for this: Not only were they super cute, had fallen off the shelf of their own accord, and were my size. They were on clearance. CLEARANCE, friends!

When the Lord speaks, what can we do but obey? I purchased those boots. You’d better believe it.



This has been a week of fashion triumphs! Read about about another one here: Fashion Triumphs: Fixing Ugly

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Fashion Triumphs: Fixing Ugly

Let me tell you about a skirt that I’d gotten at Acorn Apparel, a Louisville vintage shop. Being a cheapskate, I’d purchased it off the $5 rack. Without trying it on.

I know I should have, but ever since the kids, I’ve kind of refused to try stuff on. It’s so annoying: all the taking stuff off, and trying stuff on, and taking it off, and then putting more stuff back on… In a cramped and often dirty room. While small people whine for you to hurry up.

And I can usually tell if something will fit by looking at it. Which, I thought was the case with this particular skirt. It seemed straight-forward on the rack. But it wasn’t at all. When I got home and put it on, it looked like and ugly balloon sack that hit at the most unflattering point of my knee. There was a reason it had been $5.

I showed it to Chris, who generally tries to be nice and open-minded about what I wear. But even he had to admit it was ugly as sin.

I wasn’t done in yet. I operate on a strict, “No clothing left behind” policy. I’d paid $5 for that thing and, by Chanel, it was going to look good!

I decided to try sewing up the sides into little pleat-type bunches. That’s totally not correct terminology, but I don’t know how else to describe it. So just look at the pictures (Unfortunately, there is no before pic. You’ll have to trust me on it’s previous ugliness):


I was still kind of unsure if it was actually wearable in public, so I again showed it to Chris and asked him if it was cute. He said, “I don’t know if I’d say cute…” But he agreed that it looked way better than before. So I left the house in it.

And all the girls pronounced it cute and adorable and all that kind of stuff. So I feel like it’s a fashion win. I triumphed over ugliness AND got my 5 dollars worth.

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