She Learns From the Best

For some reason, my kids hate baths… not the playing part, just the scrubbing part. It probably has something to do with the fact that I wash every nook and cranny. Unlike their father, who wafts the washcloth over their heads and then proclaims them clean. Maybe it has something to do with him being the “priest of his home” that makes him think this will work.

So today, Leah was squirming and screaming, “Wait! Wait!” in an effort to avoid having her ears cleaned. I asked her, “Who’d you learn to throw a fit like that from?” and Isaiah gleefully exclaimed, “ME!” Well, he’s honest.

I remember Isaiah saying mostly nouns to start off with, but Leah is more interested in exclamations… the beginnings of a drama queen, perchance? She says things like:
“Oh! Wow!”
“Bye, uh-woo.” (Bye, love you)
“Me, me, me!” (To “ask” for something)
“Dant-Doo, Dada.” (Thank you, Daddy)
“No danks.” (No thanks)
“Hi Leah!” (To great us, of course)

She can also say “no” (big surprise!) and the names of all the family members. I think she says a lot more that I don’t understand, as well.

Isaiah is always an interesting listen, also. He tells us stories from Sunday School, reminisces about things that happened a year and a half ago, and shares plots from his favorite cartoons.

Recently, we were driving home from church and he was telling us about his class. “There’s a kid that is brown,” he informed us. “His face is brown.” We asked him what color his own face was, and after considering it a minute, he said, “I dun’ know.” We told him he was white-ish pink or peach. Then he went back to his friend, “God made him like that. An’ another kid has white hair.” I’m assuming he meant blonde. It’s fun to watch him discovering his world… in full color!

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