Pittsburgh Zoo

The thing I like about Pittsburgh weather, is that even though it gets cold, it doesn’t insist on staying cold all winter. We’ve been having some un-seasonally warm weather. So yesterday we decided to take advantage of the nice temperature and take the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo. We didn’t mind that admission was on the winter prices, either!

Everyone had a great time. I assumed Leah wouldn’t really understand, but as soon as she saw the rhino, she got all excited! She also liked the elephants, monkeys and a peacock that she called “Che-che”. Isaiah was so intent on getting to the monkeys, he could barely take the time to look at the other animals. When we finally got to the monkey house, he couldn’t wait to leave, because he said, “it smells real bad in here!” He did like the gorillas because we told him they were like Mee-Mee.

My goal was to see penguins, but when we got to the penguins, their tank was all dark and you could hardly see them. They said this was because they were trying to mimic the short days in the south pole, so that the Penguins would be happy. But I wasn’t happy and I’m more important than penguins, right? I’m OK though :-)

A few of the animals were on “vacation” because they didn’t do well in colder weather, so throughout the day we explained this to Isaiah when an animal exhibit was closed. When we got to the polar bears, they too were closed. Isaiah again asked why and I started to explain that polar bears didn’t like the cold. I stopped myself mid-sentence when I realized what I was saying, but not before Chris had a good chance to laugh at me!

Some of the animals we saw:

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