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The Death of the Nuh-nuh!

Chris and I have been deliberating over how to get rid of Leah’s pacifier (which she calls a “nuh-nuh”) for awhile now. He was all for it, but I was more hesitant. Chris’ idea was just take it away; cold turkey is what he called it. I was more compassionate and my response was, “but she loves her nuh-nuh!” Plus, I knew I’d get the brunt of the tears and sleeplessness when the end of the pacifier came.At Isaiah’s birthday party, I got some pointers from the other moms who had overcome this hurdle in their children’s lives. One of my friends had a clever, somewhat sneaky method. She invented the Nuh-Nuh Fairy, who functioned much like the tooth fairy. Her son, like most little boys, was into Thomas trains. So they told him that one night the Nuh-Nuh fairy would come and turn his Nuh-Nuh into a Thomas train! When the magical night arrived, the Nuh-Nuh fairy left a blue Gordon train under the pillow to replace the blue nuh-nuh. Problem solved!

I didn’t think Leah would fall for that idea, but another mom had a completely different solution. She said they had snipped the smallest bit off the tip of each nuh-nuh. When bedtime came, their little girl tried each one and discovered that they were all malfunctioning. As time went by, the plan was to cut a little more off each day, until it eventually was useless. I don’t know that they ever had to take it that far, because their daughter decided pacifiers weren’t worth it anymore. I liked this second idea, because it caused the child to make the decision on their own to be done with pacifiers. In theory.

So today was the day we set for the beginning of the end of the nuh-nuh. I snipped a tiny bit off the tip of each of Leah’s nuh-nuhs. We got her all ready for her nap and breathlessly watched as she popped the pacifier in her mouth. We waited for a reaction. Nothing. She didn’t even seem to notice! I couldn’t decide if I should be elated that there wasn’t going to be a battle or dejected because the plan wasn’t working.

As the afternoon went on, Leah didn’t fall asleep. She called me into her room, crying about everything from poopy pants to wanting socks on. But she didn’t say a word about the nuh-nuh. I didn’t think she even realized why she couldn’t sleep, until the last time I went in there and she said, “Nuh-nuh broken.” I asked her what she’d said, and she held it up to me to show me the offensively missing tip. I told her I was sorry and there was nothing I could do. She didn’t seem very upset and she didn’t seem to want the nuh-nuh much anymore. So maybe the problem is solved… but then, she hasn’t gone to sleep yet.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers


So yesterday was my birthday! Except, around our house, birthdays last about a week. On Sunday Chris took me to Chili’s. We love Chili’s, but we have to drive 30 minutes to get there, so it’s not usually a spur of the moment thing. Chris told the waitress that we were celebrating my birthday, so a bunch of staff came out and sang to me. And they brought me the token sundae. Did you know they charge you for that sundae? I thought that was kind of funny!

When I came home from doing my grocery shopping this week, something smelled really good. I asked Chris what smelled so good and he said, “I don’t know. There is a candle burning.” Five minutes later, he pulled a cake out of the oven… sneaky! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? My husband made me a cake!

I got my actual birthday present a couple weeks ago. Chris got me a digital camera. I don’t know what kind it is, except that it is a Sony, it is small and sleek, and it takes good pictures! So I’ve been having a lot of fun with that!

Then, yesterday, Chris gave me a bunch of dangly earrings, even though the camera was supposed to be my whole present. My husband is never satisfied unless he is spoiling me :). I’ve concluded that there are few things in the world that make me happier than dangly earrings!

We went to our favorite taqueria for dinner. So I didn’t have to cook, and they have the best chips there! This made me very happy!

In non-birthday news, Isaiah is doing great without his pacifiers. The first day, he never did get a nap in. He was just too upset. But by the time he went to bed, he had enough time to think it all through and he didn’t even ask for his nu-nu. He hasn’t asked for it since, so I think he’s going to be just fine!

Last night, Isaiah put his first mural in our home. Somehow he had gotten some crayons smuggled into his room. We put him to bed, not realizing this. So when I went to re-tuck him in, I found red crayon ALL over his wall! He was trying to show me where he had drawn a tree, but I was having a hard time getting excited about his artistic masterpiece!

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