San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Leah’s Get-Rich-Quick Plan

Chris likes to tease that my parents raised me to get married. This is mostly based on the fact that I’m completely helpless without him.

And he’s convinced Leah is headed down the same path. He might be right…

This morning she said to me:

“But Mommy, when I grow up, how will I have lots of money?”

I told her that she could get a job.

She replied, “But I don’t want to get a job.” Long pause. “I KNOW! My husband can get a job. Because girls DO NOT get jobs.”

There you go, Leah. Problem solved.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Isaiah’s Life Plan

Isaiah and I were sitting on the couch this morning and Isaiah started to tell me about his long term life goals. This is what he said:

Mommy, when I get big, I want to do what Daddy does. (I asked him if he meant be a pastor) Yeah… and be a Daddy!

I would be the bestest Daddy in the whole world. If the son said, “I want to go to the carnival.” I would say, “Yes. Maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow night.” And if my son said said, “I want to go to the Play Museum.” I would say, “Maybe tonight or maybe later.” And if my son said, “I want to buy a cool ornament for the Christmas tree.” I would say, “Yes.”

I’m going to have 4 kids: 2 boys and 2 girls. And I’m going to name them John, Zachery, Chloe and Leah. And that will be good, because we already have a Leah.

And Mommy, what do you think Leah will do to her children? I think she will treat them like I’m going to treat mine.

And I’m going to be a train driver and a gold collector, a builder and all the cool stuff. And be what Daddy does and go to the gym and even be a wrestler.

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