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Hair (and Hard to Please People)

I’m not much of a hairstylist. French twists and french braids? Forget it (those French are tricky people). I know nothing of updos and spiral curls. What about pompadours and chignons? No idea.

So anything I do with my hair is pretty basic and never involves more than a ponytail holder or two. And maybe hairspray if I’m feeling really adventurous. But it can’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Sometimes, though, I feel guilty… like maybe I’m letting myself go. So, to find out if I’m failing, I ask Chris how he likes my hair. Generally, his replies lack information, “I don’t know. It always looks fine.”

Thanks, Babe.

He does have opinions, though. When we’re watching TV, he’ll point out a character and say, “You should do your hair like that.”

Now, we’ll set aside the obvious fact that she’s an actress and has a whole makeup crew to get her ready every day. We’ll just ignore that.

The real problem is that the hairstyles he picks out are IMPOSSIBLE for me to do.

Sometimes it’s a girl with gorgeous, stick-straight tresses. Unless I spend 3 hours with a straightener and probably some product I don’t know exists, this is never, ever going to be my lot in life.

Or it’s a lady with hair so naturally curly, she can barely get a brush through it each morning. For me to accomplish this look, I would need more unknown products and more hours with a curling iron. And it would all fall out within an hour. Or, you know… I could just get a perm.

Lately, though, Chris has gotten easier to please.

The other day I went back to bed after my shower, with semi-wet hair. When I got up again, Chris complimented my hairstyle. I had to see what this amazing look was, so it could be replicated. Well, basically it had dried into poofy-at-the-top hipster hair.

Another day, I ran a brush through my boring, normal hair and walked quickly out of the bathroom. Chris said, “I like your hair like that.” When I inquired what he especially liked about it (since it was its normal self), he said, “I liked how it was blowing back.”

I mean both these styles are super simple! I can do this!

I just have to take a nap after each shower or walk around the house really fast all the time. Piece of cake.

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