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Dream Center

Chris and I just got back from LA, where we got to take a team of 25 to the Dream Center. We had a lot of fun and many great experiences. Here are some highlights from the trip:I got a bit of a tan!

The showers had doors/curtains… this is not always guaranteed when going on a missions trip.

When we passed out food, the people LOVED pineapples. I don’t know why I found this so thrilling, but when they got super excited about pineapples, it made my day.

We found a taco truck that made real Mexico style tacos. They were amazing… just as good as I remembered them.

The people who were a part of the Dream Center Discipleship had the sweetest spirits. Whoever runs that program is defintily getting something right.

We went to a concert for Nashville Star (the Country version of American Idol). A guy from the Dream Center, Coffey Anderson, was a finalist and had his “hometown concert” there. I’m not sure this was a highlight, but it was interesting.

When we visited Hollywood, they asked Chris and I and a couple of our girls to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. They were going to have us participate in a belly flop contest… but we had to meet up with our group, so we turned them down. My 15 minutes of fame, and I missed it!

The best part of the trip was getting to hang out with our students! I loved getting to know them even better and to see them step out in their giftings and stretch themselves. Each one of them amazed me with how incredible they are!

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