A Real Parent

kidvideogamesMy oldest son is 10.

That’s weird.

Last I remember, I was barely 21 and I had a new little baby and no idea what I was doing.

And I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just winging this parenting thing and hoping I hit all the big stuff.

Maybe someday I’ll feel like a REAL parent.

You know? Like when we were kids and our parents totally knew what they were doing. They had that parenting thing in the bag. I’m still waiting for it.

But the other day. The other day, I might have seen legit-parentness coming on the horizon.

Isaiah was playing video games with his friends. Except they were at their houses and he was at ours and they were all talking to each other through the TV. Because, technology these days.

So, Isaiah’s friends asked him if he had a certain game.

I heard him say, “No, I don’t have that. Because my parents won’t let me.”

I mean, how parenty is that?!

We must be real parents. The ones kids talk about when adults aren’t around.

We are THE MAN.

It’s so odd and heart-touching all at the same time.

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