I Volunteer!

Now that both of my kids are in school, it’s a little weird. Don’t get me wrong, I actually LOVE it. And I have plenty to do. But now there are options open to me, that weren’t open before.

For example, I can go out to breakfast with friends. And go grocery shopping, with no one begging for candy and Jello. I can meet my husband for lunch.

And. I can volunteer at the school. Until this year, I’ve had Leah-Belle home with me, so I was pretty tied down. Now, I’m free as a bird and could sign up for every committee and program available to parents of students.

Which actually kind of freaks me out, because it’s so soccer-mom. *shudder*

The other side of me is a bit excited, because I’ve never volunteered for anything outside of the church setting. It might be fun and I might get to know more people and, you know, good stuff.

When Open House rolled around this week, I mentioned to Isaiah’s teacher, “I’m a stay-at-home mom… with no kids at home. So I’m able to help when you need me.”

Her eyes lit up like I’d just handed her a lifetime supply of chocolate. And why not? I’ve got fairly good hygiene and a drivers license and I offered all on my own. What more could she want?!

She immediately signed me up for a school field-trip to the zoo at the end of the month. She said something about how I could have half the class and she’d have the other half. …And I just thought I was going to end up helping with craft day or something.

But I’m kind of looking forward to it. Helping with events that I don’t have to plan always works well for me. Isaiah still thinks it’s cool to have his mom around, so he’ll be happy. And I have a great mom-voice if anyone gets out of line. Really, how much trouble can 10 or 11 Second Graders actually get into at the zoo?

Maybe I shouldn’t ask.

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