I Get Political

Last night, I checked in with Facebook to see where the election was at. Because, really, who bothers with CNN anymore?

And from all the Facebook cheering and sobbing, I gathered that it was Obama FTW.

And I think I felt mildly non-excited. Because something new is always exciting. But something familiar is just same ol’ same ol’. I mean, you either feel relieved or disappointed, but it lacks the adventure of the unknown.

So now that I’ve unburdened my deep and passionate political feelings to you, the rest of this post is specifically for my Christian friends.

Especially those who feel like their world just collapsed, and we have left our nation’s Christian foundation behind, and we just re-elected a Muslim extremist or maybe the Antichrist, and hopefully the Rapture just comes and saves us all (because if Mitt’s not going to save us, I guess our only hope is Jesus).

I have a secret for you.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

He’s not a Christian.

Biblically based Christianity holds that Jesus is fully divine, the Son of God and the only way to receive salvation. Any belief system that does not embrace all of these standards can be considered at worst the work of the devil and at best a concoction out of someone’s mind.

Mitt Romney has every right in America to be a Mormon, just like you do to be a Christian. And he might even think very similar to you about a lot of things. But he is still a part of an organization with beliefs that are very contrary to Scripture. So looking to him to save us all is really, really silly.

Yes, we should vote according to the values of the Bible (and I hope you did), but at the end of the day:

Our home is heaven. Our citizenship is ultimately in the Kingdom of God. Our only savior is Jesus.

Everything else is just details.

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