Sixpence None the Richer is apparently back together! I know 95% of you are probably saying, “so what?” But to me this is the best news ever, even if it’s old news, since I found this out by stumbling across their myspace. Ever since they broke up, there hasn’t been another band to compare both stylistically and lyrically. Except maybe Kevin Max or John Mark McMillan, but that is another story. Back to Sixpence… even Leigh Nash’s solo project didn’t fill the void. So I’m super happy about this. Can’t wait for an album!

In other, actually more exciting news, we’ve been seeing an incredible move of healing in our church. Over the past few months, we’ve had 8 people healed of cancer or the threat of cancer. I’m talking about situations where the doctors see a tumor on a scan and tell the person to prepare for the worst, but when the doctors go to do another test, the tumor is gone… awesome stuff like that! We’ve also seen 3 serious heart conditions healed and one person followed up their healing by praying for the person in the hospital bed next to them and the roommate’s heart was healed as well. Wow! I’m so excited to see where this is all going.

Well, I need to go put a shoe on my daughter. No longer does she just carry the shoes around to feed her footwear obsession. Now she brings them to me to put on her. It doesn’t matter if she already has footed PJ’s on or even another shoe, I’d better put on her the shoe she brings me, or she’s going to be seriously disturbed.

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