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A Web Designer’s Wife

You know what they say about doctors’ wives being sick and cobblers’ wives going barefoot? Well, my husband is a pastor and I love the Lord, so we’re OK on that front. But in his spare time, he designs websites and that is where things get a little sticky. Every time he redesigns his blog, it is more exciting than the last one. So I look at him with my big brown eyes and say, “What about my blog?” and he looks back at me with his grey-blue eyes that say, “Not on your life!”

This is not to say that he’s never designed me a blog. I’ve had some very nice ones handcrafted by him. But they pale in comparison to the fancy ones he makes for himself. It’s kind of like how I get the $20 dollar cellphone and he gets the one that can brew coffee. In all fairness, I wouldn’t know what to do with a fancy blog or cell phone, but it’s the principle of the matter!

So when he started working on his latest brilliant design (It really is amazing! Check it out at, I got that look in my eye and he got that other look in his. This time, I realized I had to use drastic measures, so I gave him complete artistic license (pretty much). And what you are currently viewing is his design genius at work!

So thanks, Babe! I really will try to use it, since it’s so pretty. And I promise not to ask for a new one… not for a while, anyway!

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

The Amazing Chris Davis

Since Chris is at The Call DC right now and I miss him, I thought I’d answer some questions about my amazing man!
My Boyfriend:

1. What’s his name?
Christopher, but only I can call him that (well, only me and his family).

2. How long have you been dating?
Well. Technically almost 7 years, but we did get married somewhere in there!

3. Can you tell him anything?
Absolutely! If the conversation gets too girly, he just zones out.

4. What’s his favorite color?

5. When is his birthday?

6. How old will he be turning?

7. How much do you see each other?
Never enough! OK, everyday… but still never enough.

8. On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like him?
I like him the mostest, times infinity, and no one can top it or equal it! So there.

9. Do you love him?

10. What’s his full name, first/middle/last.
Christopher Dean… and his last name is the same as mine.

11. Have you ever been to the movies with him?
Of course.

12. What movie did you see?
Most recently, Get Smart.

13. Name a memory you shared with him?
Well, do you have some time? Because we’re going to be here a while.

14. Have you met his parents?
Yes… I think it would be kind of odd if I hadn’t, after 7 years and all.

15. Has he met your parents?
See above answer.

16. How many siblings does he have?

17. Have you kissed him in the rain?
Yes, pretty sure we have.

18. Can he make you in the best mood EVER?

19. What’s his moms name?

20. Is he funny?
He’s a good balance of funny and serious.

21. Name his favorite quote?
He’s got a few from AW Tozer and the Bible, of course.

22. What is his favorite thing to do?
Code web pages.

23. Does he have any pets?
A beagle that he dislikes, but that adores him.

24. What does he want to name his kids, when he’s older?
I’m guessing Isaiah Christopher and Leah Isabella. We’re not going to talk about Selah…

25. Someone hits you, What does he do?
You wouldn’t want to see that.

26. Do you hold hands often?
Not each others, because we are usually holding the kids hands. But when we’re alone, yes.

27. Does he cuss?

28. Does he have a job?
He’s a youth pastor :-)

29. Do you hug him a lot?
Yes, whether he likes it or not!

30. Does your family like him?

Random questions about my spouse:

1: They are watching TV – What are they watching?
Something with me, like CSI or Doctor Who.

2: You’re out to eat – what kind of dressing do they get on their salad?

3: What’s one food this person doesn’t like?
Vegetables, seafood, beans.

4: You go to Baskin Robbins – He/she orders:
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

5: Where did he/she go to high school?

6: What size shoe do they wear?
10 I think.

7: If this person were to collect anything, it would be:

8: What is their favorite type of sandwich?
Bacon Cheeseburger.

9: This person could eat __________ everyday:

10: Favorite cereal?
Frosted flakes.

11: This person wouldn’t be caught dead wearing:
A dress? I don’t know.

12: Favorite sports team?
Yeah, like none.

13: Who will he/she vote for?

14: What is their sign?
Stop. Or is it yield?

15: What is something you do that he/she wishes you didn’t?
Waste time.

16: How many states has this person lived in?

17: What is he/she’s heritage?
He doesn’t know.

18: You bake them a cake for their birthday – what kind is it?
Funfetti? Or something with cream cheese frosting.

19: Did he/she play sports in high school?
He was a band geek.

20: This person could spend hours:
Coding websites.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

My husband, the celebrity ;)

So, like I said in my last blog, Chris got to lead worship on a live TV show last Thursday night.  The team sounded great and it went really smooth.  The TV people said they wanted them to come back sometime.  And one of the crew told Chris, “Man, that was TOUGH!”  I think he meant it like it was wicked or hard core, since he said it with a huge smile!

A little secret?  My husband wore makeup!  Granted, it was stage makeup, but still!  :D

If you want to see Chris leading worship on TV, he finally posted it on his blog, so click here to watch!

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His Father’s Son

Look at those faces! I love how this picture shows Chris and Isaiah making the exact same concentrating face.

Isaiah doesn’t just look like his dad. He wants to be like him too. He saw Chris wearing a tie, so he told me how when he was big like Daddy, he could wear ties too. I showed him a little suit with a tie that we have for him and he was excited that he had a tie too… except he called it a scarf.

The other goal he had was to get an A-shirt (“wife-beater” for the non-PC people) like he sees Daddy wear. We happened to have a little kid size one, so I found it for him. He loved it so much that he practically had a meltdown when he had to take it off for his shower. Especially when I informed him that it needed to be washed and couldn’t be re-donned immediately after his bath. The situation was only resolved when I promised to get him a whole pack of white shirts like Daddy’s next time we went to the store. So now he is the proud owner of 4 wife-beater/A-shirts! And he must be wearing one at all times to achieve true happiness. And all because they are what Daddy wears.

I wonder what it feels like to be somebody’s hero? I guess I’ll go ask Chris.

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Valentine’s Blues

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and Chris and I have kept true to our tradition… a tradition of lousy Valentine’s Days.

Chris asked me to marry him the day before our first Valentine’s, so I wasn’t expecting a huge blowout. I mean, it’s pretty hard to top a proposal and sparkley ring, next to a waterfall. Still, it was an interesting Valentine’s, and definitely what started our bad V-day luck.

Chris’ parents had graciously gotten us tickets to a romantic Valentine’s dinner at Old Washington, a historical village/inn in their town. Unfortunately the place had kind of overbooked, so they had multiple couples at each table. We sat with a sweet old couple, who were Christians. The husband had been a Gideon (you know, Bibles in hotels). They were thrilled to have a nice young couple to talk with all night, but somehow it lacked the romantic evening feel for us. The food was excellent though!

The next year, our first Valentine’s as a married couple was proceeded by a week in Mexico City, where we were checking out an opportunity to take on a Missionary position there. I cried the whole week. That is, until Chris told me he didn’t think God wanted us to move there… then I perked right up! Well, in retrospect, it’s good I cried all week, because God has us right where He wants us and it isn’t Mexico City.

So we spent the actual holiday flying home from Mexico. Not an ideal romantic time, especially when we got stuck in Chicago because the windshield wiper on the plane was broken. We actually succeeded in ruining someone else’s Valentine’s that year, because our friend Heather, who was supposed to pick us up in Milwaukee, was so nice as to drive down to Chicago to get us. Chad still asked her to marry him later, and hopefully they’ve had better Valentine’s since then.

Isaiah was only about 2 weeks old for our 3rd Valentines. Chris’ parents were visiting us and offered to babysit so we could go to dinner. The thing was I only had a 2 hour window until Isaiah needed to eat again. We didn’t count on everyone else wanting to go to dinner that evening too (What, did they think it was Valentine’s or something?!). After discovering that every restaurant in town had an hour wait, and with my 2 hour window shrinking rapidly, we settled for a coffee shop and picked up some Wendy’s on the way home.

We were starting to discover that Valentine’s Day just didn’t work for us, so the next year we decided to beat the crowds and celebrate the Sunday before. Chris is a huge roller coaster fan and I had never been on one. He decided the perfect romantic outing would be my introduction to the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I hated it. He made me ride it 6 times, thinking if I rode it enough I’d come around. I still hated it. Somehow, the fear of immanent death by flying out of a roller coaster was not my idea of a romantic afternoon, even if it was right by the ocean. Still, I got cotton candy, so it wasn’t all a waste.

Last year, Valentine’s landed on a Wednesday. We had church on Wednesday nights, so we weren’t able to go out for dinner then either. I think we just went out another night, but the actual V-day was still unromantic.

So this year, we had everything set. We had the lovely Vic scheduled to watch our kids. Chris’ mom had sent us money to go out to dinner. But you can’t fight nature. My Grandpa passed away (he was 90!) so the kids and I left on Wednesday for Wisconsin. I spent Valentine’s Day at a funeral and Chris spent it sick in bed from a cold he’d picked up somewhere. I think this year tops them all, especially as we weren’t even together.

So we’ll go out for dinner a week late. I told Chris, “Our hearts don’t know the date.” In spite of all our Valentine’s Day woes, I’m the happiest woman alive… because I’m married to the man of my dreams. That makes every day Valentine’s Day!

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So I have been married to the man of my dreams for 5 years, as of last Friday.  It’s amazing to think that I’ve only known my best friend for 6 years total.  What did I do before that?  Chris is an amazing man of God.  He has tons of wisdom and he’s someone I can trust completely.  Plus we like the same things, have most of the same opinions, laugh a lot, and make cute babies together… what more could you ask for?!

So for our anniversary we went to Kansas City for a couple days, just the two of us.  We haven’t had a trip alone since our second anniversary (and even then, I was pregnant), so this was a HUGE treat!  Kansas City normally wouldn’t be our city of choice, but neither of us has ever been to IHOP (International House of Prayer), so we wanted to see what that was like.

The city itself was actually nice in a different way from Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is old and rough and you can almost feel the generations that have lived there and made it historic.  That’s what gives it its cool factor as a city.  Kasas City (the downtown/shopping area) was more like a shiny new penny.  It was pretty and well groomed, which almost made it feel a little steril, but still enjoyable.  The drivers, however, were not enjoyable.  Kansas City drivers seem to be rude, aggressive and stupid all at once, which is pretty dangerous.

As for IHOP, we LOVED it!  I honestly had no idea what to expect.  We keep the live feed from the prayer room playing 24/7 in our house, and we have some of their worship CD’s, especially Misty Edwards.  But I’ve never read any of Mike Bickle’s books and have only heard him speak once at BRSM.  I didn’t really know much about how they run things, or who’s-who, or what their philosophies are.  So I didn’t have a lot of presuppositions.

When we walked into the main prayer room for the first time, the presence of God was so thick it was crazy!  The people in the seats were just quietly praying or worshiping.  The band was doing “Worship with the Word,” where they take a passage of Scripture and sing it spontaneously, and let the revelation of what the Lord is saying build through their song.  Super cool stuff.  I would definitely want to go back!

I find what IHOP is doing very exciting, because it is the kind of move of God that can last.  It’s not based on crowds coming, or people getting “blessed,” or a special speaker.  It’s all about prayer, worship and the Word, and as long as those things continue, the heavens will stay open!

We definitely enjoyed our trip and being away from the kids for a couple days (they stayed with Pastor and Clara).  Clara told me after we picked them up that she and Pastor didn’t know what to do with themselves.  She said When the kids were at their house they were always thinking what they needed to do next and saying, “you do this for this one, while I do this for the other one.”  Yep, that pretty much sounds like my life!

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On My Own

So, in my investigation into who makes the messes around our house, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 suspects… and neither of them is me.

Chris took a team of our youth to Baja, Mexico for a missions/leadership building trip. He’s been gone for 2 weeks! And during that time, Isaiah is at Papa and Gran’s in Arkansas. So it’s just Leah and me, and of course Chester. And the housework is surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) light!

Chris called one day and I put him on speaker phone. When Leah heard his voice, her whole face lit up! She made a happy grunting sound and then she said, “Da da!” Awww… She’s also trying to say Chester. She’s a little unsure of herself so she just whispers something like, “Teh-Teh” or “Cheh”.

Speaking of the evil beast we harbor in our home, he ran away tonight… AGAIN. I was bringing him in the house and his collar just slipped off; I don’t even know how. He took off and I knew there was no way I was going to catch him. He stayed within my sight for a bit, but he never let me get close and then I couldn’t see him at all. I left the back door open so that if he decided to come back he would have a way in. After an hour and a half he strolled in like nothing had happened, with a big wad of black junk in his mouth. He happily dropped that on the carpet and ran upstairs to get a drink.

I offered him a treat and enticed him into the pantry and shut it, so I could inspect whatever it was he’d deposited in my home. My worst fears were correct. It was a beyond rotten animal of some kind. I don’t know if if was a rabbit or some type of large rodent, but it was the most disgusting thing ever! I got a tongs type thing, but I couldn’t bring myself to grab it with that, because you could still tell what its feet were and it was just too horrifying. For a while I just stood down there and squealed and debated if I should call Pastor. Finally I shoved it into an old cardboard box with the help of another box and threw the whole thing down the hill, into the woods. Yes, I know it might be bad for the environment, but cardboard is recyclable, so I’m sure it’s kind of biodegradable. And there was no way I was going to do anything else with it!

So my husband comes home tomorrow night. And this is a very good thing, because I’ve had it with this on my own stuff!

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4 Years and a Doctor Visit

Funny thing, today is Leah’s actual due date.  It’s crazy to think that we might have not had these past 3 1/2 weeks with her, had things been “normal”.  We had some hard times, but I wouldn’t change how things have been.  Chris wouldn’t either, except when he looks at the bill for the NICU .  That we could do without!

Leah went to the doctor today for her 3 week check up.  She is in the 10th percentile for growth.  What that means is that, even though she was premature, she has already reached what is considered a normal size for a full term baby.  Her big goal was to reach her birth weight by this appointment.  To accomplish that, she would need to at least weigh 5 pounds 8 ounces, but she actually weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces!  Go Leah!  And she had grown another inch!

The doctor was also very impressed when I told her that Leah can already lift her head and turn it to the other side, when she is laying on her tummy.  The doctor said she is young to already be able to do that.  The doctor said she was really happy with where Leah was at both physically and developmentally.

I wish all of you could listen to Isaiah talk.  I can’t remember all the cute things he says all day long, but he keeps us laughing!  He has started the sweetest thing.  He’ll randomly say, “I lub you, Daddy.  I lub you, Mommy.”  Can’t complain about that!

Chris usually takes Isaiah to church with him and I come later with Leah.  When they are leaving, Isaiah says, “I go to church, Mommy!  Baby, I go to church!”  Then he starts saying “bye” to all of us, including Chester, his train track, and any other random toys he spots on his way out the door.

He got a new pair of shoes… little white canvas “Converse” style ones.  He wore them to church one night and the next morning, he wanted to wear them outside.  If he wore them outside they would no longer be white… they’d be brown.  So I told him that those shoes were only for church.  He started begging to go to church, just so he could wear those new shoes!

Chris and I had our 4 year anniversary last Thursday.  We have a problem when it comes to holidays, because Chris sets the budget and then totally ignores it and spoils me.  But I have to stick to the budget.  It’s not right!  But hey, I don’t REALLY mind being spoiled .  He got me a really fun sweater and necklace, a cute diaper bag I wanted, the new Leigh Nash CD, 2 dozen roses, and an awesome winter dress coat.  The coat is dark brown tweed with touch of gold woven into it!  Of course I’ll only get to wear it a few days out of the year, here in Cali, but it’d be great for any trips to San Francisco we take this winter.  For that matter, any trips to San Francisco we take any season, since Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco.

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Numbers, Showers and Jesus

Isaiah is really learning his numbers! He has counted all the way to 10 more than once. Tonight, Chris had “21” on his shirt. He was changing Isaiah and Isaiah pointed to the 1 and said “one!” Then he pointed to the 2 and said “two!” We knew he had memorized the names of numbers, but we had no idea that he also recognized number symbols. Last night, Chris was praying with Isaiah before bed. He was having Isaiah repeat after him to pray. He said, “Say, ‘Thank you for…'” and Isaiah said, “five, six.”

Our church always has co-ed wedding and baby showers. We’re not sure why we do it that way, because the guys always complain (even though they come). We had a baby shower for our pastor’s secretary, yesterday. Chris experienced a major milestone in life. He won his first door prize at a shower! They had a game where they lined up six of the guys and gave each of them a baby bottle full of orange juice, and whoever downed it first was supposed to be the winner. It turned out to be harder than they expected, and a couple of guys ran out of patience. They figured out ways to beat the system, so they got disqualified. Chris managed to drink the most, so he won! We have a Glade car air freshener in our Jeep to prove it .

It seems like God is really stirring things up in our church and we’re very excited about it! There is a fresh intensity in both our youth church and “big” church. The presence of God can be felt in our times of worship, and you can tell people are breaking though! I’ve also noticed that our prayer times before our Sunday AM services have also really intensified. People are sharing testimonies with us of how God is enabling them to put the Word into action in their day-to-day lives. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see where He is going to take us!

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