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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

You know, Pittsburgh life didn’t seem like it was going to be too bad. After a few days of freezingness, it warmed up and spring seemed to have sprung. Oh, how naive I was! Winter has returned with a vengeance. But I can’t really complain, because it is a beautiful vengeance.During the warm spell, we had some rainy days, which turned the creek in our wooded backyard into a raging torrent. I love the sound of the rushing water outside our windows. Now, before all the parental instincts rise up in you, we do not let our son play in the backyard, he has no access to the creek, and he will not die an early death due to drowning.

So I was feeling very happy about the creek noises, when it started to sleet or ice or something like that. This sounded very cool on the windows, so I enjoyed this weather phenomenon as well. You can tell, by my fascination with these little things, that we’ve been in a very weatherless California for the past couple years.

The sleet was followed by big fluffy snowflakes, which were by far the prettiest things to yet fall from the sky. The snow is still falling, coating the trees, the hillside, the falling down barn and even my dog, when he chooses to go outside. It’s absolutely gorgeous… if only it weren’t so cold!

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