Sorta Chinese and Books

The kids and I have a tradition of going to a Chinese Buffet on spring break.

I think it started when Isaiah tried egg rolls at school and liked them. I was overjoyed, because Chris got food poisoning the first time he ate Chinese and still holds it against the whole food genre.

Turns out, the school must have given the kids freezer-section egg rolls, because Isaiah doesn’t like REAL egg rolls. But we’ve all kept going out for Chinese together anyway.

The kids eat anything sweet they can find and I get my fill of delicious chicken and broccoli and crab rangoons.

Notice the distinct lack of Chinese food on my children’s plates:

photo 4


The waitress was sweet and gave me a fortune cookie for Enoch. I let him hold it. He promptly tried to eat it, which was very smart of him. But not a good idea.

enochholdingcookie  enocheatingcookie


We named Enoch after the Enoch in the Bible, who was known as a friend of God. His middle name, Irvin, means “friend.” So the Chinese word his fortune cookie wanted to teach him? Check it out:

fortune cookie


After the “Chinese” food, we went to the library next door. It was Enoch’s first visit, so we took a posed picture in front of books, because we’re all Pinterest like that. He immediately spit out his pacifier so he could taste the book. Don’t worry. No books or baby immune systems were harmed.

Enochbook1    Enochbook2


That was our day. I’m going to go sleep off my MSG hangover now.


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